The Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Baby Monitor is designed to pick up on any noise or movement your little one makes while they are in another room. This allows you to be able to get on with doing household chores, or sleeping, without worrying about whether or not your baby is safe.

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  • Parents can set the required temperature range in the room.
  • The unit monitors both the baby’s sounds and movements and has different settings that can be adjusted to include all background noises or just when there is crying.
  • Mattress sensor monitors the slightest movement and alarms very loudly to trigger immediate action when necessary.
  • The product has a great range.

  • Can be slightly complicated to set up, and the parent unit monitor can be confusing for those that are not technically inclined.
  • The night light isn’t very bright.
  • The unit can be very susceptible to interference.

The Angelcare AC401 comes with a variety of features to ensure that it is monitoring your baby in the best way possible. These are:

  • Voice-Activated Sound Monitoring – This can be set to detect all sounds in the room, or just when the baby is crying.
  • Under Mattress Sensor Pad – Designed to detect all baby’s movements, this pad will alarm if there has been none for 20secs.
  • Auto ‘Tic’ – This option is included so that parents can be sure that the monitor is on while the baby is sleeping soundly and making no noise.
  • Temperature Display – Keeps track of the temperature in the baby’s room and will alarm if it is either too high or too low.
  • Volume Control/Vibration Alert – The monitor can be set to any volume, including vibration only.
  • Nursery Nightlight – The angel’s halo doubles as a nightlight which can soothe and comfort your baby, as well as allowing you to check on them easily.
  • Clear Transmission – The monitor has 8 channel settings in an effort to ensure that there is no interferences.
  • Optional Battery Operated – This feature can be very useful in the case of a power cut, and it isn’t possible to charge the unit.
  • Out of Range Indicator – Designed to alert you when both units are not connecting properly.
  • Hold and mute Buttons – Useful to pause or put the monitor on silent when necessary.
  • Full Colour Display – The parent unit shows has a display that indicates what is happening even while on mute, so that your baby can still be monitored properly even with the sound off.
  • Rechargeable Parent Unit – Small and convenient, the unit can be attached to your clothing to carry around.
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Wrap up. The Angelcare AC401 Movement and Sound Monitor is great for helping to give parents peace of mind when they have a baby who sleeps in their own room. The ultra-sensitive mattress sensor pad helps relieve worry about SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and with this comes the opportunity to get some much needed rest themselves. It is also good for use during the day when there are other things that need to be done. Overall, a very well-designed baby monitor.

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