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Your guns are only a click away, that is why it’s important to keep them secure. A gun safe can ensure that they stay out of the hands of small children and anyone else who shouldn’t be touching your personal property. it’s an investment in security for everyone involved. Any form of carelessness can land the firearms in the wrong hands, leading to potentially dangerous situations.

It is easy to take gun safes for granted and just assume that they are extremely expensive. Not all gun safes are the same and some buyers tend to think that the most expensive gun safes are always the best. This is not true in all cases and sometimes you might let a great deal that is full of value slip by without taking advantage of it.

Top 10 Gun Safes on the Market Under $500!

If you’re looking for a safe to store your firearms, it’s important that you choose one that is reliable. To help you find the best gun safes under $500, we’ve compiled a list of our top ten favorites. These safes are rated highly by other consumers and have been put together with all of your needs in mind!

#1 BILLCONCH Biometric Handgun Safe – Best High-Tech Safe

BILLCONCH Biometric Handgun Safe Review As technology has advanced, people are looking to use that technology to make life a lot simpler for them. This is where security has combined with technology to create this fantastic safe, which enables you to be able to walk it in place using Bluetooth technology from your Android or iOS phone.

This safe uses the old man in technology, not only providing you with fingerprint recognition software, but also giving you the ability to connect into your safe using an app on your phone. This not only allows you to lock and secure items within the safe, but to ensure that the availability of others to access that safe is limited in scope. Plus, you will love the fact that it will notify you anytime someone gets into your safe.

Instead of using a traditional hinge and door opening, this safe uses a briefcase style opening, which helps to keep the safe significantly secure. The locking mechanisms release the door to slide that makes it extremely difficult to be able to pry the door off of this safe. This is why it has rapidly become one of the most liked and highly promoted forms of safe.

The safe is specifically designed to be one you would use to store a standard handgun. It is able to hold a full-sized 1911 weapon with an extra magazine and ammunition. It is design makes it easy for you to store in any location in your home or to take it with you while still having the security necessary to ensure that others are not able to access the safe.

All locking mechanisms on the safe are rated at 1000 pounds and the technology is built to give you an easy pairing with the safe using your smart phone app. Connecting to your safe is as easy as connecting your headphones to your smart phone and the spectacular craftsmanship that is used in developing and designing the safe gives you a smart looking box that is secure. This is truly a great option if you are looking for a technology-based safe to hold your handgun and its accessories.

#2 V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe – Best Quick Access Gun Safe

V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe Review This is a heavy duty safe, which is ideal for those who are looking for the perfect safe that provides an unbelievable level of protection. This V-Line product clearly lives up to its name, as it is built to handle any brute attempt to get it open.

The safe is built with a 10gauge all steel construction, and has four predrilled holes that make it easy for you to mount anywhere. Because of the way that the cover wraps around the safe, this is a pry proof design, as the clamshell makes it almost impossible for you to be able to break the safe open.

Plus, it is resistant to some of the other methods that people would use to break into a safe. It is designed to withstand drilling and pounding, making it one of the best safes you can find to protect your handguns.

You will love the fact that you can store two or three handguns in here with ease, plus other valuables. There is not a significant amount of space here, but enough for you to be able to keep the most important items secure.

The locking faceplate is surrounded by a 12gauge steel handle, which prevents anyone from being able to pry the walk loose. It has a five button system, allowing you to program the lock to the code that you can remember easily.

This is a fantastically designed box, which looks great and gives you the ability to store it in a location where you can be sure it’s not going to be taken. Plus, you can simply put it in a closet or other secret location without locking it in place and still have the security to know that no one is going to be opening this box up. V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe is truly a great option for any person who is looking for a safe to store a couple of handguns, ammunition and their magazines. This is like a mini tank.

#3 AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 CF – Best Gun Safe for the Money

AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 CF Review The Amazon Basics Safe is quite smaller than your average firearm safes, but it still provides you with a lot of quality features. The safe has a built-in shelf with a carpeted interior that will protect all of your jewelry and valuables.

The interior has the capacity of 0.5 cubic feet, this may be a little small for firearms, but will be great for storing important documents and allowing you to safeguard all your valuable items from scratches and even impact damage.

The exterior has been steel constructed to provide you with more durability. The hinges on the doors have also been built on the inside to prevent anyone from prying open the safe and the small and compact design will allow you to easily conceal the safe from intruders in those harder to find locations.

At the back of the safe, you will find pre-drilled holes for mounting. All of the other mounting equipment has also been included in the package and anyone with standard tools at home will be able to mount the safe securely.

Another benefit will be the added weight that adds more security to this already compacts safe. Should you decide to mount the safe to the ground, you will have the weight and gravity on your side to ensure that no one can move the safe.

The safe features an electronic locking system that operates the two live action bolts that will secure all of your valuables inside. The electronic keypad is easy to access, but you may need to invest in an added nightlight for use in the dark.

Furthermore, the overall design has been made to ensure that no one can get inside and the door has also been made 2 inches thick to ensure that heat cannot unlock the door. Once heat is applied, the bolts will only expand and become more secure in their slots.

With the package, you will receive two override keys to ensure that you always have access to the safe. The locking system is powered by four AA batteries, but unfortunately, they have not been included in the original packaging.

These batteries will also give you a few years of access, thus meaning that the overall maintenance of the safe should not cost that much and you will receive optimal quality and value for your money.

We highly recommend this safe for multifunctional use and you will be able to conceal the safe easily in any part of the house or your office. The safe may not be perfect for firearms, but you will still be able to store a few smaller firearms inside and the adjustable shelf should aid you in creating enough space for your firearms.

#4 SentrySafe SFW123EU Fire & Water Resistant Safe – Best Small Gun Safe

SentrySafe SFW123EU Fire & Water Resistant Safe Review For those looking for a smaller sized safe that is both fire and waterproof, this is a magnificent option. This 1.23 ft.³ safe is perfect for storing firearms, important documents and media, as well as jewelry, passports, and any other valuable items.

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This fireproof safe is built to withstand up to 1700°F for one hours period of time to protect your irreplaceable items. It is also waterproof up to 24 hours and can handle water up to 8 inches deep above the safe. That gives you the maximum protection you need to be able to guard items should you have a sudden flood or other emergency.

To access the safe, it provides a fantastic keypad that you are able to program the five digit code. This enables you to be able to get the highest level of security so that only those you want to have access to the safe are able to do so. However, for those instances where the battery has expired or you cannot remember the code, two emergency keys are provided as well which enable you to be able to gain access in an emergency.

To lock the door in place, four 1-½ inch diameter bars securely hold the door in place when it is locked. While the hinge is exterior, it is built with a heavy duty hinge that is difficult to be able to pry apart because of the solid steel bars included in the door.

Inside, the safe comes with a lot of storage space. There are two adjustable shelves that are included, and two trays that are included inside the door that enable you to get quick access to documents, jewelry, and firearms. Also included on the door are five clips that enable you to hold keys or other small items. A lot of space is included in the safer you to store what you need.

Four AA alkaline batteries are included, and should provide from 8 to 10 years of use. This will give you all of what you need to be able to use your safer years to come.

#5 Mesa MHRC916E-BLK All Steel Hotel Safe – Best Gun Safe Under $200

Mesa MHRC916E-BLK All Steel Hotel Safe Review A very small and compact interior, the Mesa safe is great for people constantly on the move and you will be sure to get the maximum amount of use from the safe. The interior is about 1.2 cubic feet and will be sufficient for storing some valuables and smaller firearms.

The interior may not be ideal for firearms, but you will still be able to fit some of your smaller firearms inside while keeping all your jewelry safe. The safe may be a little small for bigger documents, but you will be able to keep things like your passports safe on the inside.

The safe also features a solid steel construction that will be great for resisting any attempt to try and break it open. No hinges are present on the outside, leaving your safe with virtually no weakness whatsoever.

The safe has been coated with a layer of metal; this will only strengthen the safe and help with the resistance against impact or any damage from the outside.

The safe features 2 ¾ inch live action bolts that will lock the door securely and the safe can be accessed using either the keypad or and additional keycard to open. The keycard will be extremely beneficial for hotels and guesthouses as you will be able to program the key cards to work with the same keycards as the hotel doors.

The safe is already quite heavy, but once you add the mounting features that have been provided, you will end up with a safe that is virtually immovable. The pre-drilled holes will make the mounting procedure easier and you will be able to do this using common household tools.

The electronic locking mechanism on the safe is battery powered and will require 4 AA batteries that have been included in the package upon receiving the item. These batteries will be able to last for 720 hours on average, but they are not required as you will also receive an additional key to open the safe with.

You will also receive a limited lifetime warranty with the safe that will ensure that your safe is replaced from any manufacturer defect. Even though the safe may be a little more expensive, the safe will be great for hotels and companies looking to increase the value for their clients.

The safe will be great for hotels and anyone running a business that allows guests to stay over and visit you. The price should even itself out and you will be able to raise the prices of your rooms per day. This should make up the price quite easily.

The safe will also work great in any house, but it may be a little expensive for home use with the limited storage space. The are definitely worth the cost, but you should decide on the items you plan to store inside first.

#6 GunBox 2.0 Smartest Gun Safe – Best Portable Gun Safe

GunBox 2.0 Smartest Gun Safe Review Technology is invading every part of our lives, and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It helps to make life a lot more simplified and secure, and this is where this intelligently designed safe could be a great option for you. Using radio-frequency identification and biometric technology, you can now have the perfect gun safe to store your handgun.

With a beautiful and sleek design, you can put this safe on your nightstand, and a closet, or on a bookshelf and feel secure that no one will be gaining access to it. Plus, it comes in a fantastic look, giving you seven different color options, including carbon black, arctic white, and several variations in between.

There are two different models of the Gun Box 2.0, which give you different features to accommodate your needs. Both styles come with a hydraulic opening, ensuring that the box remains open when you have unlocked it, and there are two USB ports that assist you in charging it. An audible alarm is included whenever the box is moved or open, letting you know if someone is trying to gain access into your safe.

Plus, the SafeTech application is easily downloaded onto your iOS or Android phone to enable you to gain access into the box or to let you know if someone else is trying to gain access. Your phone can be set up to let you know anytime the safe is opened, ensuring you are notified right away.

Inside the box is an interior LED light which makes it easier to view once opened, and a rubber mat is included as well. The exterior is a heavy duty cast-iron aluminum, providing a great deal of protection. It weighs about 7.2 pounds, making it easy to move if you so desire, and its dimensions are 8.75” x 7.5”, giving you plenty of room to store virtually any style of handgun.

This is a fantastically designed safe, which is so beautifully designed that you can put it about anywhere without it being an eyesore. Plus, you get all of the great security advancements technology has to offer to ensure that your firearms are kept safe.

#7 Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security Safe

Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security Safe Review If you are looking for the ultimate gun safe, this safe may be the perfect fit to your decorations. The safe is made from extremely high-quality steel and a beautiful powder coating that will protect the steel and also provided added protection against high impact situations.

This will allow you to store valuable items, knowing that it is protected from prying even when you are not at work. The door of this safe has been reinforced and like with most high-quality safes, the hinges have also been turned to the inside. This should ensure that no weakness is present and that you will have peace of mind when storing items inside the safe.

The safe features a fully carpeted interior with two customizable and easy to remove shelves. These shelves are extremely sturdy and will hold any handgun to ensure that you can create compartments to store different items.

The interior carpet will provide added impact protection and will be great for storing metal items. Furthermore, the safe offers 2.73 cubic feet of storage space and you will not be wasting any of it if you choose to remove the shelves.

Additionally from being made from high-quality materials, the safe will also feature an electronic lock that is powered by 4 AA batteries. The LED screen will display the current state of the safe and you will be able to get 400 hours’ worth of use out of standard quality AA batteries.

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The safe is programmed with 5(2-digit) number codes and these are almost impossible to crack for even most advanced code crackers. For the locking mechanism, the safe features a live bolt locking mechanism that will ensure that you have maximum protection.

Upon buying the safe, you will automatically receive the batteries. This means that the safe is ready to use right out of the box. We recommend to constantly keeping an eye on the batteries as you do not want to get caught with a slow and flat locking mechanism.

The safe will also be fitted with 2 backup keys that will have the capabilities of unlocking the safe when the batteries may go out. The only problem is that this process takes extremely long as the locks really rely on the technology.

We like to show of this safe to executives and business owners. The same will make a lot of sense in your home or office and you will be able to store and access important files easily. Your firearms and media devices will also be protected as the safe has an added small fire- resistant feature.

#8 Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe – Best Gun Safe Under $300

Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe Review Maybe you are just looking for a personal handgun safe that comes in an affordable price, then this may be exactly what you’re looking for. This is a five button digital code that allows you to have almost 1100 different combinations to create for your passcode. This makes it so you can be sure that your items are safe.

The hinges are built with a spring assisted mechanism that causes the door to pop open after you have entered the right common nation to unlock the door. The door opens vertically, allowing you to easily be able to store your items. Plus, the design is made so that you could easily fit this on a shelf or even in the back corner on the floor in your closet or under a tool shelf.

The safe is constructed of durable 10gauge steel, which is strong enough to be able to withstand most types of impact. Plus, it is built to be pry resistant. However, this does not mean that it is impenetrable. If a person had the right time and the proper tools, they would likely be able to get the safe open. Your ability to secure it in a location that is concealed makes it a much more viable option.

There is a mounting mechanism that comes with this safe, allowing you to be able to secure it to the floor, a shelf, or even underneath the counter. This will make it more difficult to be able to discover, and enables you to be able to more securely fasten the safe so that it is not as easy to break into or to take.

One feature that makes this a good option is that there is no noise that is made when you are opening the safe, not even a clanging sound when the bolts unlock. This will enable you to be able to open the safe without having to worry about someone being alerted that you have unlocked the safe to remove your firearm.

There is no need for a power supply. The digital code is placed with mechanical buttons, meaning you never have to worry about being denied access to your safe because of an issue related to a loss of power.

#9 Viking Security Safe VS-25BL – Best Home Gun Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-25BL Review Purchasing a safe for your firearms is obviously an important decision if you don’t want to take any risks with. The last thing you want is someone walking off with your safe or easily breaking into it, however, you may not have a huge budget to be able to afford to get a premium safe. This is why you will enjoy this option which gives you what you need insecurity at a price you can afford.

This safe not only gives you peace of mind to know that your firearms are secure, but also gives you easy access through use of a fingerprint biometric scanner. This makes it so that you can gain access into the safe in a matter of a couple of seconds, allowing you to quickly get your firearm should you need it in an instant.

In addition, the scanner allows you to store up to 32 different fingerprint imprints. This makes it ideal should you wish to use this safe at your business, where you need several people to be able to gain access to receipts, cash, or even the firearm if necessary.

Besides the fingerprint display, there is also a digital keypad. This allows you to program a 4 to 8 digit code into the memory that will give you an additional way to be able to access the safe. This makes it so that if someone does not have a fingerprint stored in memory, they could still gain access if you need them to.

When the safe door is closed, a warning sound indicates that the safe is securely locked in place. This lets you know that your safe is securely locked. You also can get a warning should someone open the safe, as a beeping sound will alarm you should it be accessed. This feature could be turned on or off to fit your needs.

There is plenty of storage space in here as well. A shelf allows you to organize your materials, including several handguns if you need to store them in here. The safe is built of a heavy duty metal, with two ½ inch diameter steel bars that lock the door in place. The hinges on the interior, making it pry proof and it is impact resistant.

#10 GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe

GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe Review If you are looking for the perfect single handgun safe at a price that you can afford, this is really the choice for you. It is specifically designed to give you easy access while taking up a small amount of room, and this is why it is ideal for those who are looking for a perfect gun safe to have next to their bed or on their nightstand.

This safe uses a biometric fingerprint scanner to be able to open the safe, ensuring that only you and those you have designated to have access to the safe are able to get the firearm out of it. In fact, it can hold up to 20 different fingerprints ensuring that family members and close associates who need access to the gun are able to retrieve it in an emergency. This makes it perfect for a bedroom or even for a business.

Included with the safe is a scanner that contains a green LED light and the interior is illuminated with a white LED floodlight. An electronic alarm is also included, letting you know if the safe has been opened. However, you are able to shut off this alarm if you so desire.

Included in the interior is a dense foam cavity with vertical slits which are built to accommodate different sizes of handguns, but only one will fit at any time. This makes it so that the grip is exposed when the door is opened, making it easy for you to grab the firearm.

The safe is built of 18 gauge steel, giving it a heavy duty construction that will keep it secure and safe. The hardware for mounting is included. It weighs approximately 7 pounds, and is exterior reaches to 13 inches at its largest point, 8.5 inches on the interior. The absolute perfect choice for any person looking for a safe they can have secured next to their bed or under the counter of their business, giving quick access. Truly a winner!

Comparison Chart

Gun Safe Pros Cons
#1 Steel Patriot Smart Gun Safe
  • Great locking system that uses technology to help you to safely secure your handgun.
  • Constructed with a heavy duty metal that ensures proper security of your weapon.
  • Connects to your smart phone using the app from the company.
  • Can store almost any size handgun.
  • Easy to program and use.
  • Works significantly better with the iOS system then with the Android.
  • Two phones cannot be connected to the safe at one time.
#2 V-Line Brute Heavy Duty Safe
  • Fantastic design makes it impenetrable to brute force tactics.
  • Easy locking system and makes it easy to program and open while preventing unwanted access.
  • Heavy duty construction ensures that you can have confidence in your safe. Very well welded.
  • Requires no batteries or other source of power to use locking mechanism.
  • For such a great product, the screws provided to lock it in place should have been made of a higher quality.
  • You will be able to fit one of any kind of handgun, but to of any kind may not fit.
#3 AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 CF
  • High-quality and durable materials
  • Easy and quick access
  • Multiple advanced security functions
  • Easy to mount
  • Extremely affordable
  • Interior spacing may not be big enough for firearms
#4 SentrySafe SFW123EU Fire & Water Resistant Safe
  • Locking mechanism makes it virtually impossible to get the door off of this safe without using the key or proper digital code.
  • Plenty of storage space inside and designed to easily organize your important items.
  • Strong exterior metal is both waterproof and fireproof.
  • Digital code is easy to set and provides fantastic means to secure your items.
  • This safe is very heavy, making it a challenge to be able to store in many places in your home.
  • Some reports safe arrived to them broken.
#5 Mesa MHRC916E-BLK All Steel Hotel Safe
  • Compact and durable design
  • Technologically advance
  • Durable and high-quality construction
  • Perfect for multifunctional use
  • Might be a little expensive for home use only
#6 GunBox 2.0 Smartest Gun Safe
  • Uses smart phone technology to let you be able to control access to the safe and let you know when it is been opened.
  • Audible alarm system lets you know if safe is being moved or opened.
  • Lightweight and beautifully designed, providing seven different color options.
  • Locking mechanism weakens even after a small number of uses.
  • Application can be difficult to work with as there have been many reports of the applet disconnecting with the safe.
#7 Honeywell 5207 Digital-Dial Steel Security Safe
  • Perfect for office and business use
  • Great functionality with easy to adjust shelves
  • Top of the line, high-quality steel construction.
  • Inability to store rifles may be discouraging to some
#8 Fort Knox Personal Pistol Safe
  • Gives you a quick and easy way to be able to store your handguns and other valuable items.
  • Made with sturdy 10 gauge steel, providing you with optimal protection.
  • Locking system is easy to set and use.
  • Can be mounted to provide you with greater security.
  • The buttons on the locking system are a little weak.
  • This save can be broken into by a determined thief.
#9 Viking Security Safe VS-25BL
  • Allows you to gain access through fingerprint or digital code.
  • Both pry resistant and impact resistant.
  • Gives you quick access should you need.
  • Deadbolts hold the door securely in place.
  • The bolt mechanism doesn’t always correctly align, causing you to have to work with it to get it in place.
  • Some have had issues with the biometric scanner.
  • The LCD display will stop displaying the digits at times.
#10 GunVault SV500 SpeedVault Handgun Safe
  • Easy to mount to a nightstand, bedpost, cabinet, or underneath the counter.
  • Built with heavy duty 18gauge steel to provide great protection.
  • Biometric fingerprint scanner holds up to 20 different fingerprints.
  • Allows for easy access to firearm once safe is opened.
  • Approved by California Department of Justice standards.
  • Built to hold only one firearm.
  • Not waterproof or fireproof.
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Security Risk Associated With Not Owning a Gun Safe!

People talk about gun rights and the safety of having a gun in a house. Statistics indicate that a lot of people numbering in the thousands have been shot not by thugs or criminals, but by accidental firing. There have been cases of children getting a gun and wreaking havoc with it or shooting themselves with it. You may own a gun, but that doesn’t mean you are safe. That’s why you need a gun safe. To keep it away from innocent children, potential enemies who could harm you with your own weapon and to keep it in great shape too.

  • Children. This is the most important reason why you need a gun safe. It would be so annoying to get a gun for the sake of protecting your loved ones, only to have them shoot themselves accidentally with it. A gun safe ensures that the gun is kept away from children and that you can protect them from it and with it when the need arises. By having a safe, you may unconsciously be saving the lives of your children.
  • Law. With the ease on gun laws in the US, it is the perfect time to buy a gun safe now and with the law allowing you to carry a firearm around; it is great to have something that will ensure that no one can steal your gun or your valuables.
  • Burglary prevention. Homes get robbed every now and then and more often than not, they take your valuables which include the gun you put on the dresser next to your bed or under the mattress. A gun safe can eliminate all those possibilities if properly appropriated. It is therefore good that you get a gun safe for a rainy day. Not only may you be able to use it to defend your home but also ensure that the burglars don’t use it against you.

With violence escalating throughout the world and especially in the United States, having a safe and a firearm can be a great addition to your house and will significantly add another layer of security to your home. Choosing the right gun safe may also be one of the most important choices you make as it can substantially change the outcome of any dangerous situation.

Top Gun Safe FAQs

Still not sure on which safe to choose, maybe you will be persuaded once you know which features other people are looking for in cheaper safes. A lot of people are choosing more affordable gun safes and after a while of experimenting some are upgrading, while other choose to keep the cheaper safes forever. With that being said, we set out to find some common questions about the inexpensive gun safes and answer them for you:
[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”Why are the hinges such an important feature of the safe?” answer-0=”When the hinges are on the inside, it will make it harder for someone to try and pry open the safe and if you manage to buy a safe with a reinforced steel door, you will notice that it is heavier and more resistant to standard break-in tools. We always recommend that buyers look at the hinges of the safe that they intend to purchase. The reason for this is because the hinges could possibly be a weakness on a safe and if the hinges are on the outside of the safe, the safe might be more vulnerable and someone could possibly pry open the safe.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”What is the Real Difference When it Comes to Prices?” answer-1=”Aside from getting their name out there, you will find that they do sometimes cut on the features that have been added. One place that we have noticed brands take action to reduce cost is when it comes to the warranty. For a great lifetime warranty, you will pay more and then you will have the benefit of knowing that you are protected.

Many brands give lifelong warranties with their most expensive safes. The reason is not that they are made from better materials, but because you are already paying for the replacement when you first purchase the safe. Once again this makes us wonder how many opportunities people pass up on because they feel that the safe is too cheap and must be made from cheaper materials. Sometimes it is worth risking and then being satisfied in the end.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Are Cheaper Safes Made From Weaker Material to Cover the Cost?” answer-2=”While the answer to this question is very straightforward, many people will want to know why they are cheaper than others. The answer is no; they are not made from weaker or even cheaper materials. The reason being is that all safes should adhere to a basic standard and most safes try to sanctify by the California Department of Justice. Having been accredited by them will increase sales and even the general reputation of the brand.

The second reason is that their reputation is on the line and one bad safe may destroy the reputation of all the other more expensive safes that have been created by the company. Therefore, some companies choose to take a smaller profit margin to help them improve sales and even get their name out there. This is a huge advantage that consumers do not take advantage of and you may be missing out on spectacular bargains.” image-2=”” count=”3″ html=”true” css_class=”faq”]

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