9 Things Must Be Considered Before Buying a Guitar!

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Do you like to buy your dream guitar right now? Then, give me 10 minutes and I will show you 9 Things Must Be Considered Before Buying a Guitar. At one point or another, music has taken ahold of us in some way. Maybe we just tapped our feet to something catchy, maybe we learned to dance to a popular song on the radio, maybe we went to our first show and caught the music bug from hearing a band play live.

Whatever the reason, sometimes you get the music in you and it has to come out. Many people take up playing a musical instrument or singing. Often, they choose an instrument that lets them do both like the guitar. Picking up the right guitar is quite difficult. So, let’s try to make it easier considering the under-mentioned factors.

Why People Prefer Guitar First and Not Any Other Musical Instrument?

Have you ever asked yourself why you always have to hear a guitar play in almost every song? Have you also wondered why guitarists seem so loose on stage? Some may even appear to be immortal! You may have thought the guitarists have really special doctors but that’s not the case. I will give you a few reasons why playing and listening the guitar can be so appealing. Take a look!

  • Guitar has a lovely, cool and distinctive sound you will love to listen every time
  • The whole process of playing the guitar is soothing you will always wave away stress with a guitar sound
  • The guitar is portable
  • Learning to play guitar is easy
  • Playing guitar can make you rich

What to Considered Before Buying a Guitar?

#1 The Right Mindset to Choose

Choosing that first guitar is not the easiest decision you will ever make, but take it from a guy who has bought and sold numerous guitars over the last twenty years of playing privately and professionally: if you aren’t happy with your guitar and you aren’t doing what you want with it, you are not going to play. It’s that simple.

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Focus on choosing a guitar that answers that call you feel inside to make music. Also, another hard learned and hard earned lesson for you as an aspiring musician: always play to make yourself happy, and don’t focus on what other people are doing or can play. Do you first, and you will enjoy making music a whole lot more, especially when you start playing with other people.

#2 Environment Matters

You need to consider what the temperature and humidity conditions are like in your home or living space before you buy a guitar. Classical and acoustic guitars do not tolerate low temperature or high humidity well at all, and these conditions can result in warping of the neck, body, and fretboard. Make sure that you have a good case and case humidifier to store your instrument so that it will give you lasting enjoyment for years to come.

Electric guitars are far less susceptible to humidity, though their many metal parts do not react well to the contraction and expansion of rapidly changing temperatures, and you may soon find yourself with loose cable jacks, screws, and switches if you don’t keep it in a good case that is mostly airtight to help maintain the temperature.

#3 The Guitar User

Before getting a guitar you should consider whom you are buying for. Is it for a baby, a pro or a beginner? When it is meant for a beginner, the guitar should have great sounds, properly sized and matching with the leaner’s aspirations and tastes. For example, an electric guitar for a beginner would give him/her different preferences.

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When the guitar is meant for children, it should be small size and low in weight. A guitar that is too large will give a child a hard time to reach the strings with either hand. Full sized guitars are suited for adults who are both professionals and beginners.

#4 Keep The Style Of Music In Your Mind

At this point, you need to hold on for a while and determine your destination. Ask yourself which style of music you like. Are you a fan of metal songs or jazz/rock/hip-hop/pop/blues/classic/folk/rap/country or something else? And think which style you like most and desperate to adopt.

#5 Set the Type of Guitar

Different types of guitar suit with a different style of music. As you have already fixed the style of music, now it’s the time to set the type of guitar for you. If you are a newbie in the guitar world, It’s more important to Learn about Which Types of Guitar is Best for Beginners. Decide the type of guitar that suits your style.

#6 Consider Guitar hardware

Since many guitars have different hardware and style of play, there is no doubt that they have different uses. There is, therefore, a direct relationship between the quality of guitar hardware and its cost. Better guitar hardware facilitates guitar tuning, versatility, and stability. Just imagine that this area where many upgrades and improvements can bring great benefits to the player.

The most important guitar hardware components are Bridges, Tailpieces, and Tuning machines. Also, you have to consider other important hardware components like Guitar Body, Neck & String. Ultimately, you need to think of Guitar Action, Fit, Finish & Features.

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#7 Think of Your Pocket

If you stick to your budget, you should mind and make sure that what you are paying for is worth it! When the guitar is meant for a beginner or young players, one may not like to spend much on it without knowing that the player will stick and adapt to it. You should know that there are some guitars made to fit almost every budget. You should keep in mind that the better the guitar a beginner starts with, the more likely he/she will learn and play better.

#8 Guitar Color and Design

You should choose a guitar, which has a good design and color. With this, you can be sure that the guitar will be completely appealing visually. A guitar that not only plays and sound well, but also appealing will automatically improve your motivation to practice and play.

#9 Learn About Various Popular Guitars and Their Reviews

If you are completely a beginner and you don’t know much about the guitar features and their quality, then I recommend having some time and learning about various popular guitars and their reviews, so that you can pick the right guitar for you.

The Bottom line
The aforementioned information is a lot to take in. Overall though (despite what anyone else tells you) when you are choosing a guitar to start playing, you need to look at what is best for you, your living situation, and what you want to get out of playing the guitar.

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