Bottle feeding your baby can be a wonderful time, it’s the middle of the day and little one finishes their formula milk, you sit them up and they let out an almighty belch! However, more often than we’d like and most commonly at 3 am, you will sit baby up and nothing will happen, baby is usually asleep and the chances of a burp seem unlikely at best.

It can be tempting to think “oh it’ll be fine” and just pop them back down in their cot or moses basket but please don’t! It’s vitally important that any induced air through bottle feeding is indeed burped out through winding your baby.

By doing the process of winding (or burping) your baby, you reduce the likelihood of colic developing. Colic can be a painful ailment for your baby and can not only mean sharp pains for baby but also, sleepless nights for the whole family.

Back to how to wind a baby…
There are 3 standard winding techniques used by parents all over the world:

  • Sitting baby upright on your lap with you hand underneath their chin whilst rubbing their back with your other hand.
  • Lifting baby to your shoulder with them upright, one hand cradling their bottom for support and the other hand rubbing their back.
  • Lie baby on their tummy across your knees and gently rub their back.

Of all the techniques mentioned above on how to wind a baby, my personal favourite and the one I found most success with is number 1.

It’s worth trying them all though, if you’re having no luck with one winding technique then rotate between them all. Be careful not to move baby around too quickly though, don’t forget they do have a full tummy! ?

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Here is a video made by Infacol, a leading manufacturer of anti-colic remedies. If your baby does have symptoms of colic, you can buy Colic Drops.  If colic symptoms persist then you should see your GP for further advice. The video demonstrates very clearly exactly how to wind a baby and you should find it easy to follow.
[lyte id=”M_yOKtQLTho” class=”ytv” /]

I hope you found this useful and you’re now confident on the most effective techniques on how to wind a baby. If you’ve tried other winding techniques that you feel work better than those discussed here then please comment.
Happy winding! ?

Sheryll Berrett

Sheryll Berrett

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