Top 10 Common Mistakes People Do in Case of Buying A Guitar

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Getting a guitar that suits you as a beginner is the best thing you can never regret as a guitarist. However, many guitar beginners get inspired and go ahead buying guitars that never suit them at all. To avoid future regrets, you should know the common mistakes which many people do when buying their first guitars. Following are 10 mistakes many individuals make when buying their guitars. Take a tour!

Mistake #1: Having the Wrong Guitar Sound

May it be for classical, acoustic or electric guitars, you have 3 major sound choices to make when buying your guitar. They are:

  • Electric string sound guitar
  • Steel string sound acoustic guitar
  • Nylon string sound classical guitar

Many people believe that acoustic guitar is the best guitar to start with and build experience before turning to an electric guitar. However, my opinion is that your best guitar to start with depends on your music style you like listening to and playing as well. For example, you may choose a nylon string guitar if you are a lover of traditional and flamenco music.

If I have to consider age, I would recommend a guitar, which is easier to press the strings. The guitar with such properties is not any other than a nylon string guitar. In case you don’t have an idea of the type of guitar that is best for you, simply consider the sound and the type of music you love!

Mistake #2: Buying the Wrong Guitar Size

Getting the right guitar size is where many make a mistake. For example, the electric guitar is the lightest compared to nylon string and steel string acoustic guitar. However, many people like using the nylon string and steel string guitars without considering the weight burden they are putting on their shoulders. There are three major considerations you also need to look at before selecting your best size guitar. They are:

  • Age of the player
  • Gender of the player
  • Height of the player

For example, an electric guitar, which weighs approximately 6KG would create a problem when handled by children below 13 years. Although some children are capable of handling this size at their small age, the height and gender should be considered as well.

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Mistake #3: Getting a Guitar with High Strings

Another great challenge and mistake made when selecting a guitar to buy is the height of the strings. Many jumps straight into buying guitars with very high strings which are very hard to press down. String action should be an important factor you have to consider to get a guitar which is easy to play. To achieve the right string action, you have to measure the gap between the top of the fret and the bottom of that string. For beginners who want to purchase a guitar, these are the string actions I would recommend:

  • 2 to 2.7 string action for acoustic guitars
  • 2 to 2.3 string action for electric guitars
  • 3 to 3.6 string action for nylon string guitars

Mistake #4: Guitar Heads with Variation in Tune

Many beginners end up purchasing very poor machines with heads which will never stay in tune. Examples of such guitar heads are those made from gears plus pressed metal. This has been a traditional way of making vintage guitars heads. Although it makes your guitar look retro and cool, these tuners made in the vintage style gives guitarists a hard time to tune and also stay in the same tune. The modern way you can get the best guitar you can perfectly tune and keep to the tune is having a guitar head of the die-cast machine.

Mistake #5: Considering the most popular brand

Many people who need to buy a guitar and maybe for the first time ends up buying a popular brand since they think they are getting the most superior guitars. However, many popular guitar brand names are actually very perfect in quality for guitar professionals and not for starters. The entry level of the buyer may be considered in this case.

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Many popular companies also go ahead to manufacture their guitars with relatively cheap materials. Because of the market pressure, many brand owners consider buying cheap materials from Australia and China to make sure that they make a big profit for cheaper and less quality products. It is, therefore, advisable to buy your guitar from a trusted brand and not a popular one.

Mistake #6: Purchasing a Guitar with No Support Materials

Purchasing a guitar with no support materials is another big mistake many individuals do when buying a guitar. This happens due to the confusion, many have when buying a guitar for the first time. That’s why I would say that buying a guitar for the first time can be a great challenge. Some guitars never come with the explanation manuals making it hard for a beginner to use. This gives a person an extra work searching for any information regarding the use of that guitar.

It is in such a time many get discouraged and end up quitting playing. The first six months of guitar practice are very important; research shows that many people who enjoy playing guitar for the first 6 months are likely to play guitar for the rest of their lives. This means that the first six months are very critical and requires guidance and support materials to start with.

Mistake #7: Paying Your Money for Useless Guitar Features

For many beginners, it is good to have a guitar with quality features. However, this doesn’t mean that you spend a lot of cash buying a guitar. Many expensive guitars have complicated features which make it hard for beginners to use. You should know that high-level guitars are usually made for professional players who need an ultimate sound.

Almost all beginners are not aware of the style, type of music and sound guitar they would like to play. After playing guitar for more than 6 months that is when one learns more about guitars and is ready to choose a guitar that suits everything he/she needs.

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The most important feature a beginner should have is a well set up guitar, which is easy to play. So you don’t have to spend a lot to get a quality sound from a guitar. Expensive guitars can only sound well when you have moved to another level when you can play better.
A beginner is likely to figure out his/her own sound in the process of learning maybe after 6 months or so.

Mistake #8: Buying a Second-hand guitar

Before you buy a guitar, you should have the ability to differentiate between a new guitar and a second-hand guitar. You may buy a new guitar from music stores which comes with a guarantee. On the other hand, you can get second-hand guitars from private individuals. They can be stolen or in poor conditions.

Mistake #9: Purchasing an Outdated Guitar

Before buying a guitar you should know the difference between a modern guitar and an outdated guitar. Many individuals make a big mistake of purchasing old guitars which end up frustrating them since they cannot meet the quality of music they want.

Mistake #10: Buying the Wrong/Poor Guitar Case

The best quality guitars always come with their own personal cases. However, some cheaper brands come without a case, meaning that you have to get a case for them. I would recommend you to choose the best case for your guitar to make sure that it is in good condition and lasts long. Below are guitar cases you may choose:

  • Soft cases
  • Hard cases
  • Flight cases

Final Verdict
As you have read, purchasing a guitar is not an easy job. You cannot just sneak into a shop and get any guitar you want. Different guitars have different features which may not suit you or the player it is intended for. So you have to know about the common mistakes many do in case of buying a guitar. If you take care of all these mistakes, you can have the best guitar, which suits your quality of music and guitar playing as a hobby or career.

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