If you’re having a baby soon, it’s best to start collecting baby stuff as preparation for his/her arrival. Aside from clothing, you need also need to consider buying baby bottles. Since not all mothers have sufficient amount of breast milk and most of them use formula milk, buying baby bottles and a steriliser ahead of time is a big help.

However, there are numerous brands that are out in the market. Today, selecting the best one is quite hard. Mothers want to ensure their baby’s safety, so they need to select the best baby bottles that are made from top quality materials to avoid further health related dilemmas.

Philips AVENT 3-In-1 Steriliser Detail Review

This product is acknowledged to be a versatile steriliser since it can accommodate several bottle sizes as well as accessories. Apart from that, this holds adjustable size which is ideal for trouble-free kitchen storage.

Benefits and Features:

  • BPA Free with free 2-year guarantee
  • Can accommodate all type of bottles: Due to the adjustable size, this can perfectly accommodate all items you want to sterilise without consuming a great amount of kitchen space. This item provides small-size configuration for soother sterilising, medium-size configuration when sterilising several toddler plates, bottles, forks and knives. The large-size configuration can accommodate a maximum of 6 bottles, while the integrated “dishwasher basket” is provided for hassle-free pre-cleaning of accessories and bottles.
  • Safe and Provides Additional Speed: This is designed to automatically shut off once sterilisation is complete. The automatic shut off after six minutes cycle ensures 100% safe and less energy consumption.
  • Provides natural sterilisation steam that can kill 99.9 percent of harmful microorganisms without needing to use any sort of chemicals
  • Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Electric Steriliser is suitable for narrow and neck bottles: This has been created to fit narrow and wide neck bottles and different accessories and breast pumps. This item provides you with the freedom of choosing accessories and bottles which best suit you and your baby’s needs. At full-capacity, this can hold 6 11oz per 330 ml Philips AVENT bottles.
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More about the Philips AVENT 3-in-1 Steriliser

This type of steriliser is easy and quick to use for feeding accessories and equipment. The basket is perfect for both narrow and wide neck bottles, which allows you to use a single unit to accommodate all sterilising needs. Apart from that, this only takes 6 minutes to finish the cycle.

With the automatic switch off function, you are given the ability to multi-task. The process of “steam sterilisation” is the most proven effective way of eliminating harmful organisms quickly and permanently. If it’s your first time using the appliance, it’s highly recommended to let the AVENT complete 1 sterilisation process with an empty basket. Buy the Steriliser on Amazon.

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