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Protecting your valuables, including media files, firearms, and jewelry, are incredibly important to you. They may not only have great monetary value to you, but may be keepsakes you simply can’t afford to depart with. This is why you want the very best safe.

One of the major issues that you may have with your safe is that fire can damage your valuables. This means you want a safe to withstand intense heat for long enough period so the fire department can respond and put out the fire. That’s why it’s important to find one of the best firesafe safes on the market today.

What Makes a Fire-Safe Best?

It would be a lie to say that we do not expect everything we buy to be good quality. If you pay a lot for an item, you would expect it to last longer and even have more features than the subsequent cheaper items or there would be no use for spending the excess amount of cash.

  • Locking Mechanism. Gun safes are versatile and they come in different types of lock. If you are paying a lot of money for your safe, you would expect that the safe has a strong, but still easy to open locking mechanism. You will have the opportunity of choosing between the biometric, electronic & mechanical locking features. Biometric safes are proven to be much more reliable than the standard mechanical safe and this must be taken into consideration when you buy a gun safe.
  • Pry-Resistant Features. It would be extremely good for you if you can do some research on the type of equipment that is used by intruders when they try and break open safes. Once you have some knowledge about the topic, you will be able to make a better choice on your gun safe and even have some added security features installed.
  • Weight & Portability.On the other hand, you have to seek for the light-weight gun safes if you only a smaller handgun/pistol or you prefer the portability.
  • Steel Quality & Durability. The benefit you will receive from this quality is value. The safe will be able to withstand prying for longer and even withstand all common hand tools. Many of these steel designs are also capable of withstanding heat and water as well.
  • Size & Capacity. The size of the safe is also to be considered because more often than not, customers get a smaller safe size than they really need. On the other hand, you will need to get a gun safe that is light to carry and easy to access or one to keep the guns away for long periods of time. That’s where the size factor comes in.

You can be fooled by marketing when you do not understand what you are looking for. These features will help you to make a great choice that will ensure that you have the perfect gun safe with value for your money.

Top Fireproof Safe & Cabinets to Buy!

The best fireproof safe may just be the thing you need to give you that added peace of mind and allow you to rest better knowing that everything is in perfect order. Here are 12 safes categorized by specific needs to help you to find the ideal choice for yourself.

#1 FireKing Patriot 2P1825-CBL – Best Fireproof File Cabinet

Best Fireproof File Cabinet ReviewMaybe you are looking for a safe that not only provides you with fire and theft proof protection, but also gives you the perfect organizational system, very much like a file cabinet. If that’s the case, then a file cabinet safe is exactly what you are looking for.

This Patriot option gives you deep, wide drawers that can handle both letter and legal sized paper. There are two drawers, each can be adjusted to fit the size of paper you desire, allowing you to choose how the safe can best fit your needs.

The file cabinet is secured with a single lock mechanism that secures both drawers at the same time. Two keys are provided, allowing you to carry one with you while having another one available to store in another location in case an emergency arises.

The one thing you will really like about this file cabinet is that it looks like any other. Despite the additional features and protection that it offers, it doesn’t take up any additional space and no one would think that this is a file cabinet any different than any other option you may have in your home or office. It truly is a great option that you will be happy you made if there are a number of files you need to keep protected.

#2 Mesa Safe MBF1512C – Best Rated Home Fire Burglary Safe

Best Rated Home Fire Burglary Safe Review As a home safe, there may be no better option than this one. Not only does it get one of the highest ratings in terms of being fire resistant, but it is also one of the highest rated in terms of being burglary proof.

The safe is made with a solid steel construction, and has four pre-drilled anchor holes, including all of the hardware necessary for you to be able to quickly and easily install this into a wall, floor, or other area of your home where you intend to anchor it.

The locking mechanism employs a standard combination lock that enables you to be able to set your own combination easily. The tumbler uses a smooth gliding process that makes it difficult to determine when a specific number has been reached to begin the unlocking process. This makes it even more difficult to try to access this safe if you do not know the combination.

If you are concerned about your valuables, not only wanting to keep them secure, but safe from fire, this is truly the option for you. It can survive a two-story fall without breaking open, and is easy for you to install. Mesa Safe MBF1512C is truly the perfect option for you.

#3 Steelwater AMSW592818-blk – Best Fireproof Gun Safe

Best Fireproof Gun Safe Review While protecting your valuables is important no matter what you may have, there are those who have specific needs, and this is why those who are looking for a safe that is fire resistant to protect their long rifles should take a closer look at this option. It is truly what you may be looking for.

This long gun fire protection safe provides you with up to 60 minutes of resistant from fire up to 1700°. That should be plenty of time to get the fire out before your weapons are damaged in any way.

A digital keypad is used to unlock the safe, which can be programmed by you. In fact, you can choose any combination from 5 to 9 digits, making it even more challenging to try to figure out how to get into your safe.

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Inside the safe, there is an incredible amount of storage space available to you, not only allowing you to organize but also secure up to 30 firearms. The door has six pouches that allow you to slide handguns into the pouch to secured in place while also making it easy to grab in an emergency. Six additional pouches are included to store magazines, ammunition, and other accessories.

Inside the safe are five adjustable shelves that allow you to use the entire safe for the security of long rifles, or to add specific shelves to organize ammunition, magazines, kits, and other accessories you may have. There is a great deal of room inside the safe, making it a fantastic option for any person looking to secure their firearms.

#4 SentrySafe Fire Safe SFW205GQC – Best Fire & Waterproof Safe

Best Fire and Waterproof Safe Review If you are looking for a safe that provides you with additional storage options, then this may be the perfect choice for you. The largest size is the 2.05 ft.³, but there is a 1.23 ft.³ and a 0.8 to cubic foot as well. Each, with either a dial combination or a digital keypad, which allows you to choose the option that best fits your needs in terms of protection and size.

We will mainly address the larger sized option, the 2.05 ft.³. While all three are fire resistant for up to one hour at 1700°, the larger sized safe gives you much more storage capacity. This includes two slide out drawers, that allow you to be able to easily organize files and other media that you may have.

You are able to set the lock combination, regardless of whether you are choosing the combination or digital option. They are both easy to set, and an emergency key is included as well should you have forgotten the code or combination.

It is extremely affordable and even though it cannot house rifles, the small compact frame will keep you smaller items secure and the keypad will allow you to easily and quickly access your firearm in the time of need. Overall, this is a must have safe for anyone with a small firearm and looking for a mixture of great features, quality and durability.

#5 Steelwater AMSWEL-360 – Best Fireproof Safe for Cash

Best Fireproof Safe for Cash Review
Steelwater AMSWEL-360 gives you that kind of protection because of its incredible design. Every part of the frame and interior of this safe is made of layers of steel, meaning there is no plastic in the door, hinges, interior, or frame of the safe. That ensures that it is able to withstand higher temperatures and prolonged heat without damaging your items inside.

When the locking mechanism is activated, two bolts hold the door in place by attaching the locking mechanism to the frame of the safe, making it both pry resistant and impact resistant. While the hinges are on the exterior of the safe, don’t let this lead you into thinking that there will be an issue of someone pulling out the door. It is incredibly difficult to do so, and would require a large amount of force to have success.

The safe uses a electronic keypad lock with 4-16 digit combinations. The wheel cannot be removed, and you are able to program your own code. Included are two emergency keys should you have an issue with losing or forgetting your combination.

Pre-drilled anchor holes are included with your purchase. This allows you to lock the safe in place, and all hardware needed is included as well. To make the safe a little easier to install, the door can be removed, reducing the amount of weight so that it is easier for you to move around the safe to get locked in place.

#6 Honeywell 1108 File Safe Chest – Best Fireproof File Box

Best Fireproof File Box Review If you are looking for the kind of fire resistant safe helps you to better organize a large number of documents, then this Honeywell option may be exactly what you are looking for. This is the perfect protective safe for a person or business that needs to store documents in a secure location, while also being able to give you quick access and great organization.

It starts with a great design that is perfect in terms of how it allows you to store legal documents, letters, CDs, and other forms of media. This file safe chest, opens as you would think, as you use a key to unlock the safe, and to flip action latches are released to open the lid. From there, you can easily thumb through documents to find whatever file you were looking for. It’s very much like having a small file cabinet.

The benefits go beyond this, however. In addition to being fire resistant, the safe is also waterproof. You can be sure that the items stored inside will be safe and protected for at least 24 hours if the safe is submerged in up to 39 inches of water. This should be plenty of time for you to be able to retrieve the safe before any item and it was damaged.Truly a fantastic option that should handle all of your media security needs.

#7 First Alert 2092DF Digital Safe – Best Small Fireproof Safe

Best Small Fireproof Safe Review First Alert is a company that provides quality products, and you can be sure that this is a sensational option. Not only will it keep your guns and other valuables safe from such things as thieves, fires, and floods, but the impressive construction and design will make you feel that you have made the very best possible choice.

It starts with the fact that this safe is able to withstand up to 1700°F of heat for up to one hour while still being able to protect your valuables. They should be plenty of time for first responders to be able to put out the fire, ensuring that your safe and its contents are well protected.

To secure the safe, a digital lock and key pad is the mechanism used to secure the door. You are able to generate your own code to access the safe, and an override key is provided should you forget what that code is or the mechanism becomes damaged in some way. This ensures that you are never locked out of your safe. The keypad is protected by a plastic flip up cap.

The safe is both pry resistant and can handle heavy impact. Inside the door are five hooks to hold keys in place, plus a small pouch to hold important documents like your passport. There is also a shelf to help you organize your items.

#8 SentrySafe SFW123CS – Best Fireproof Safe for the Money

Best Fireproof Safe for the Money Review
If cost is a bigger concern for you, you should know that there are some great options for you, and it starts with this fantastic SentrySafe unit. This is a 1.23 ft.³ safe with an adjustable shelf that can be removed altogether or installed in nine different slots within the safe, ensuring you are able to get the space you need.

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This safe is a fantastic fire resistant option, which can endure up to one hour of heat at 1700°F, making it perfect to be able to store your digital media and files without concern of them getting damaged. Plus, it can handle at least 24 hours of being submerged in water before you have any concern about this safe at all. Clearly, the fire resistance and waterproof features give you plenty of time to retrieve your safe or its contents before any damage can occur.

The locking mechanism uses for live bolts, each made of heavy duty steel construction. This securely locks the door in place and with the hinge inside, you get optimal pry resistant protection as well. This will help you to have great peace of mind to know that your safe is not easily going to be broken into.

#9 SureSeal SS104-A Chest – Best Fireproof Document Safe Box

Best Fireproof Document Safe Box Review This is the perfect safe for those who are looking for a place to store there important documentation in jewelry. You are not only able to secure CDs, DVDs, and other media files, including portable hard drives, as there is plenty of space inside, but this safe is built to ensure that they are safe and secure.

The safe is able to handle up to 350°F of heat for one hour without any damage to your items. It is also waterproof submerged for up to 2 hours period of time. This gives you the right kind of protection that you need for your items, as even at 56 pounds you should be able to remove it and take it with you should some emergency occur.

The external body of the safe is built with a heavy duty metal that includes plastic latches to hold the safe closed. The keylock is included, that is durable and easily open stir use of the key. However, one should not consider this lock to be burglar proof.

This is the perfect kind of safe for someone who has documents that they need to store and to keep well organized. The depth is such that you are able to put file folders and other documents so that they are easily accessible through the organization system you employ. Plus, you can choose to store other kinds of items in here that you feel need to be protected. This is truly a fantastic option for those who just want to safe to protect the things that are most important to them.

#10 Avlone Documents Bag – Best Fireproof Document Bag

Best Fireproof Document Bag Review Maybe what you are looking for is a secure product that enables you to be able to carry documents while also protecting those documents from fires or water. This is where this Avlone document bag is ideal, especially for those who will be carrying money on a consistent basis.

This bag begins with a document holder that is both fire and water resistant. The double closure seals the bag perfectly, ensuring that water and fire are not able to seep into the bag. Plus, the external covering of the bag is specifically designed to reduce heat and resist water from seeping in.

What separates this bag for many other options available out there is that it gives you a fireproof option. This ensures that if you or the person who is delivering money to your store or home is in a serious accident or if the car is damaged in some way, you can be sure that your money and other important documents are protected. Plus, a reflective tape on the outside ensures that it is visible simply by shining a flashlight on it.

Included with the bag is a durable quick grab handle that is not only easy for you to grab but difficult to pull it away from the bag itself. This ensures that some would-be thief is not going to rip the baguette of your hands. Plus, it comes with a foldable design to reduce size if you so desire, and all stitching is done to ensure that fire and water cannot get inside the bag. The soft coated interior protects your items inside the bag.

Comparison Chart

Fireproof Safe Pros Cons
#1 FireKing Patriot 2P1825-CBL Filing Cabinet
  • Looks like any other file cabinet
  • Each drawer is insulated and protected to give you greater protection for your files
  • Perfect option for home or office where ease of access is essential
  • The lock is by no means burglar proof
  • If you are looking for a fireproof file cabinet it is perfect, but don’t expect this to be a safe for secure items
#2 Mesa Safe MBF1512C Burglary & Fire Safe
  • Well designed safe gives you maximum protection against burglars
  • One of the highest ratings in terms of fire resistance you will find of any safe
  • Very heavy, making it virtually impossible for a person to steal
  • Plenty of space inside with an adjustable shelf included
  • Fantastic customer service
  • The combination lock can be a bit finicky at times
  • While no expense was saved on the construction of the safe, the appearance needed some improvement
  • The dial sticks out about half an inch from the safe door, making it difficult to hide this safe, plus creating problems where it could get damaged
#3 Steelwater 20 Gun Fire Safe AMSW592818-blk
  • Plenty of internal space to store multiple firearms. Can store up to 16 long guns
  • Provides protection for one hour at 1700°F
  • High security provided, as this safe is not only impact and fire resistant, but drill resistant and pry resistant as well
  • Company claim you can store 20 long guns inside, but that is nearly impossible
  • Really no other complaints about the safe
#4 SentrySafe SFW205GQC Fire & Waterproof Safe
  • Various options in terms of size and lock allow you to choose a safe that best fits your needs
  • Provides you with fire resistant protection for up to one hour’s period of time
  • Easy to set combination or digital lock that includes emergency key
  • Interior drawer that locks as well is a nice addition
  • The handle should have been made with a more durable material
  • Lock is known to freeze at times if you do not open the safe on a regular basis
  • Customer service needs some great improvement
#5 Steelwater AMSWEL-360 Fireproof Home Safe
  • Highest grade of heat resistance safe you will find
  • Built with all steel construction to make it secure to more than just fire
  • Removable shelf allows you to increase storage space for larger items
  • Perfect for those who are looking to store digital media files
  • There are no real complaints about this safe. If you can handle installing a 133 pounds safe, you’re not going to have any issues with this one
#6 Honeywell 1108 Fire/Water File Safe Chest
  • Perfect safe for you to be able to store and organize your files
  • Provides at least 24 hours of waterproof protection as well as one hour of fireproof protection
  • Made by a trusted company
  • While built to look very much like your standard file storage case, it is quite heavy meaning you are going to be taking this with you on a regular basis
  • The key is quite flimsy and may require you to buy duplicates made of a stronger material
#7 First Alert 2092DF Waterproof Digital Safe
  • Built with a heavy duty construction that will have you confident that it is protecting your items
  • Both fire and water resistant
  • Easy to use digital lock with override key if necessary
  • Made to provide you with easy organization
  • Humidity can be a huge factor with the safe because the cement seems to always build up condensation. This means you can’t store paper items in here very well without placing them in a secure, sealed bag
  • Limits the kinds of items you can store in it, especially if you have to be concerned about rust
#8 SentrySafe SFW123CS Fire Resistant Safe
  • Incredible price for what this safe offers you in terms of protection
  • Use of interior concrete makes it solid and resistant to flames
  • Plenty of storage space inside
  • Well constructed exterior gives you confidence that this safe is going to be difficult for a burglar to access
  • Sadly, the floor installation bolts are not included with the safe
  • Many issues with the safe having dents upon arrival
  • Combination lock can be a bit challenging to work at times
#9 SureSeal SS104-A Fire/Waterproof Safe Chest
  • Extremely affordable no matter what your budget may be
  • Holds legal sized paper, making it ideal for those who need to store important documents, like your mortgage
  • Provides easy organization by allowing you to stand file folders inside the unit
  • While a safe, clearly not something that is going to be burglar resistant
  • Limited waterproof protection
  • The hinges are made of a very flimsy plastic
#10 Avlone Fire/Waterproof Money & Documents Bag
  • Perfect four protecting items like money, documents, laptop, etc
  • Easy grip handles don’t pull from bag to add another level of security
  • Soft interior lining protects contents
  • Resistant to both fire and water
  • Minimal protection from theft
  • Too heavy to carry as an everyday bag
  • The zipper needed to be made with a better material to protect against fire and water damage
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

Before closing out this review, we thought it would be a good idea to answer some of the most commonly asked questions regarding these kinds of safes.
[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What constitutes a gun safe “Fireproof”?” answer-0=”A safe with fire proof certification and standard, does not mean that it will withstand any kind of fire hazard. There are some safes which are able to withstand fire for a few hours before they start to melt, it is after all made up of metal. Metal is vulnerable to fires and therefore can withstand fire only if it is made very strong. However, the fire department and owners will gain time, if the user has already locked down all their guns and possessions in a fire proof safe. Burn off time on a fireproof save is what shows its mettle, the manufacturer should be able to provide this information, if the safe has gone through standard testing.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”Do fireproof safes really work?” answer-1=”No safe is completely fireproof and no matter what the quality of the safe. If someone claims that their safes are 100% fireproof, they are lying and trying to take your money. Fireproof gun safes are only fire resistant for a certain period of time and under a certain temperature. It might not last through an entire house fire, but most fires only last a certain time and if you have a quality fireproof home safe, it will surely save you a lot of unnecessary damage that could have been avoided. This needs to be taken into account and it will not help if you have extreme temperatures close by and your safe can only resist 800° F.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Why choose a safe with fire resistant properties?” answer-2=”Gun Safes, which are not able to provide protection from fires are a definite no, when investing in a locker for the safe keeping of firearms and other valuables. Fires occur suddenly, without a warning, they happen as a consequence of an accident. Fires have proven deadly, they can sometimes bring down and entire house or row of houses in the matter of few hours. Even with a fire brigade trying to reduce the fire, wind and weather do not always cooperate. Having a fire proof safe, thus, will allow much needed time, before owners are able to lessen the fire and pick up their belongings.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”What fireproof safes are made of?” answer-3=”Fire safes are made of rust proof heavy alloy metals. These metals are further enhanced to give them strength, also giving them the quality of withstanding fire for longer periods of time. These fireproof safes are made with special moulds, which cannot be penetrated easily. It takes a strong fire that reaches high temperatures and has consistency over many hours, in order to completely melt a gun safe. Locks for such fireproof safes are also made to withstand, not just fire, but also complement the overall functionality of the locker. The hinges, fittings and locks are all made with equally strong materials; they are fit snugly to not let anything seep into the safe.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”Where to buy a fireproof safe?” answer-4=”You can buy a fireproof safe in a number of locations. However, there is one factor you should consider before making any decision upon where you will buy the product. Most of the safes are extremely heavy, often weighing as much as 150 pounds. This is not something you are likely going to be able to take them yourself, especially if you have a small car. Wherever you choose to buy the safe, it should be from a location where they will deliver it to you, and this is why many have opted to go with Amazon, especially if you have the free prime service.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h4″ question-5=”What is a good fire rating for a safe?” answer-5=”The best fire rating should be somewhere around at least 1700. This means that if heat reaches 1700°, you’re safe will be able to be resistant to the heat for at least one hour. You should be aware that fires rarely reach that temperature, most often coming around 850° at most. With the higher fire rating you can be sure that your items are going to be protected for a much longer period of time.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h4″ question-6=”Are fireproof safes waterproof?” answer-6=”Some are. You are likely going to find that the very best fireproof safes also come waterproof. Most will give you up to 24 hours a protection if they become submerged, and that should be ample time to get out the items you have in the safe should such an emergency arise.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h4″ question-7=”Is keeping cash at home safe illegal?” answer-7=”This is kind of a trick question. If you have made money that the government is aware of, such as true a business venture, job, or other legitimate means, you can be sure that storing money in your safe is perfectly legal. It’s your money, and the government is aware you have it. However, if you have undeclared money sitting in your safe then yes it is illegal. You must consider that it’s not so if they never find out about it.” image-7=”” count=”8″ html=”true” css_class=”faq”]

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