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If you have been a hunter or a marksman for quite some time, you are quite familiar with the fact that it can get tiring sitting out there hour after hour waiting for your target or prey to appear. This is especially true if you are out hunting, and you are forced to wait long hours before your target finally arrives.

Putting your weapon down or resting momentarily could deny you your opportunity for the kill, and this is why many opt to get themselves a shooting bench. It is the perfect solution, allowing you to constantly have your weapon at the ready, while also giving you an additional support to ensure that your aim is true and steady each and every time.

Choosing the Best Shooting Bench

While a shooting bench can be the perfect option for you, you want to purchase one that specifically fits your needs. Here are a few factors to consider when making your purchase.

  • Seat. Consider that you will likely spend hours sitting on the seat provided for your table. Choosing one that is comfortable or enables you to be able to pad easily will make your time waiting a whole lot better.
  • Hand Rest. Some shooting benches you will find offer you an additional foam pad to rest your hand or arm on. This is ideal for those who would be spending a long time looking down the side of their rifle waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. It can get painful retiring without one of these features.
  • Adjustability. That you are able to adjust the height of the table and the seat can be an important feature. You want to be able to be comfortable, especially if you are a taller or bigger person.
  • Stability. Stability is a huge factor when choosing the right shooting bench. Not only do you have to worry about being comfortable while you were waiting, but some tables will shake during firing. You want something that is going to support your weight and remain firm when firing.
  • Movement. Not only do you want the seat or table to be able to adjust, but you also want rotation. Many of the best products will allow you to quickly turn up to 360°. This may be a feature you truly want as you may need to rotate quickly to get the shot you desire.
  • Portability. You will be carrying your bench in your backpack or in your arms to the location where you intend to fire. A heavy bench can be difficult for you to carry. Having one that is lightweight or that easily comes apart to make it easier to transport is more beneficial. Plus, you want one that is durably made so you can count on it lasting for years.

12 Best Rated Shooting Benches

Now that you know what to look for in a shooting bench, here are some quality products you may want to take a look at.

#1 Caldwell Stable Table with 360 Degree Rotation

Caldwell Stable Table Review Sometimes the simplest things are the very best things, and this called will shooting table is one such example. This is the perfect shooting table for those who need to spend long hours with their rifle watching and waiting for their next opportunity.

This is built to provide you with stable design, and is built to add some additional comfort. It starts with the fact that you receive tripod as the base that provides an unbelievable level of stability. In situations where the ground may not be ideal, you’ll be pleased with how firm a foundation you can receive using this product.

Next, you receive a padded seat and rest area, giving you an additional level of comfort. You are able to easily rotate around the base 360°, both the table and the seat. The table is made of a Polymer that protects against both water and chemical damage. The seat also enables you to be able to adjust from 16 inches to 22 inches, helping you to be more comfortable while sitting.

Built-in holes are included on both sides of the table which enables you to be able to insert cleaning forks that can help to support your firearms. The entire frame is built of a solid metal, giving you durability you can count on and stability that will help you to get an accurate shot every time. Plus, you will love the fact that you can break this table into seven separate pieces, making it easier for you to carry. This Caldwell shooting table is an amazing product, and it is understandable why it tops our list.

#2 Kill Shot KS-SBP Portable Shooting Bench Seat

Kill Shot KS-SBP Portable Shooting Bench Seat Review It does not matter your size or the type of firearm you are using, this can be the ideal shooting bench for almost any avid hunter or marksman. It starts with the fact that the seat is able to handle up to 300 pounds, making it ideal for almost any user.

The table folds down to make it easy to transport, and ways just a little over 33 pounds. This makes it easy to slide into your trunk or the back of your truck while you head out to the range or to hunt, or it is easy to slide into a closet or cabinet to put away when you are not using it.

An integrated gun rest is included in the table that allows you to be able to adjust it fully for the right height and position you need. There are three preset heights for adults and youths. Also included are two pockets on each side of the table that enable you to be able to store ammo, cartridges, or other accessories.

The seat is padded with a comfortable foam, helping to make you more comfortable during those long hours sitting and waiting. The frame is made of a 1 inch steel tubing that is built to support a heavy weight and provide you with great longevity. You will be able to use this for years, because it is built to last.

Once opened, it extends to 55.5 inches, is 34.5 inches wide, and reaches to 24 inches tall. Perfect size for anyone. The seat ranges from 12.5 inches all the way up to 17 inches. An offset is included that ranges from 6.75 inches to 8.75 inches.

#3 Goplus Portable Shooting Table Bench Seat

Goplus Portable Shooting Table Bench Seat Review This is another folding shooting table, one that you will truly love as a user. It starts with the fact that it is built with an all steel frame, giving you great stability while you’re shooting, but also providing you with product you know that is built to last. It can handle up to 300 pounds of weight, and it is powder coated to prevent rust or corrosion. Makes it perfect for those who spend a lot of time out in the elements.

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You are able to adjust the height of both the table and the seat, a nice feature for those who intend to allow more than one person to use the table. In fact, there are specific settings that are preset for adults as well as youth, men or women. Plus, it is built to withstand just about any kind of landscape while still remaining stable.

This shooting table is built to fold so that it is compact. This makes it easy for you to transport, as it weighs just 35 pounds, or to store in a closet or under a workbench. The shooting table platform is 24” x 24”, giving you plenty of space to set up your position. There are two pockets for ammunition and other accessories that are on each side of the table.

This is the perfect shooting table regardless of whether you are going out to the range, spending the day hunting, or are simply going to be sighting an area for a while. It comes at a price that is affordable for most people’s budget, and you will love that gives you a comfortable and efficient seat and table area. Fantastic table at a great price.

#4 Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench

Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench Review This Muddy product is one that has become quite popular because it offers a number of features that similar style shooting benches don’t have. This shooting bench has been recognized as one of the very best available, not only because of its amazing design, but also because of its multi-purpose use.

This product is made of a rigid steel, meant to give you greater stability and great longevity. In fact, you will love the fact that this shooting been should last for years. Not only can it withstand the tough terrain and weather conditions it is forced to endure, but it can also hold heavy weapons. No doubt you will feel confident in using this shooting bench.

Because of its design, it is made for you to be able to move effortlessly and have great range of motion. Both the seat and the table are able to rotate 360°, allowing you to spring into action quickly when you need to rotate to find your target. Both the table and the seat are protected by a vinyl cover, which adds additional comfort as well as protection.

There is an armrest for both left-handed and right-handed shooters, making it perfect for any person looking for a good quality shooting bench. You are able to adjust to aim at lower or higher ground. There are pouches that are included on both sides for you to store ammunition, empty cartridges, or any other accessory you have with you.

This is a fantastic product for any person looking for a quality shooting bench for any kind of terrain. It’s easy to carry with you, and easy to assemble when you are ready to use.

#5 MTM HLST High-Low Shooting Table

MTM HLST High-Low Shooting Table Review If simplicity is what you desire and you are not concerned about having a seated area, then this is the perfect shooting table for you. It gives you everything you could desire in a functional table, allowing you to use it in a multitude of circumstances.

It starts with the fact that you were able to adjust the height of the table from 18 inches all the way up to 55 inches above the ground. That enables you to be able to use it while you are kneeling, sitting, or standing, and the legs are easily adjusted to help you get the height you desire. The legs also come with special pegs at the bottom of the feet, helping you to secure the table in place in rough or uncertain terrain.

The table is built to accommodate you whether you are right-handed or left-handed, and is 17 inches wide by 33 inches long. There is room for both a front and back rifle rests plus you would still have space left over for ammunition.

You love the fact that this is an easy to carry table. It weighs just 17 pounds and comes with a carry bag that has both a handle and a shoulder strap. No doubt that you can take this with you anywhere you go.

It is built of a lightweight aluminum that helps to keep the weight down, but still makes it strong and durable. The tabletop is made of a heavy duty plastic, and is coated to protect against the elements. No doubt that you will find this to be a great option to take with you when you head out.

#6 X-Stand Hunting Shooting Bench

X-Stand Hunting Shooting Bench Review If you are looking for a simple product that is built to last, then this is the choice for you.This is a shooting table that is meant to be stable and is built with a strong metal that will give you the kind of durability and longevity that you desire.

It starts with the fact that the bench is coated with a non-scratch rubber, which not only protects your table and the bench from being scratched, but also protects your firearm as well. You are able to adjust the rest in height, making it so that you can get the proper angle you need. The micro adjustable tuning knob is easy to use and is constructed to allow you to create the perfect fine tuning you need.

One of the improvements over the previous model is that your ability to aim is greatly improved. This comes from a more comfortable and accurate seating and table area, which will make your shots a lot more accurate. The table and the seat to come with a 360° swivel and the seat is adjustable. This is built perfectly to accommodate almost any user.

The bench weighs 35 pounds, making it a lot more lightweight than many of your other shooting tables you will find. You will easily be able to carry it to almost any location and it is built to easily fold. This makes storage and transportation a whole lot easier.

When you throw in the cost is easy to see why this would be the perfect option for you. No doubt that it provides you with the kind of product that will make you enjoy shooting and hunting a whole lot more.

#7 Muddy Xtreme Shooting Bench

Muddy Xtreme Shooting Bench Review There are a lot of great shooting benches out there that offer you accessories that you could likely use. However, you may be looking for a product that gives you the capability to add accessories as you need. This is where this Muddy product becomes the perfect option.

Not only does it come with an assortment of accessories, including a cupholder, gear basket, and gear hook, but each of these is interchangeable, and can be removed and replaced as you see fit. Plus, you can buy additional accessories from the company or other retailer to use instead. This gives you control over what your shooting bench will be like.

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Of course, this bench is not all about accessories. It is made of a hard steel, ensuring that you get a bench that will be stable and will last year after year. The benchtop is 23 inches wide by 34 inches long and has a padded top that is coated to protect from rust and corrosion. Plus, a raised steel ledge circles the circumference of the table to ensure that items don’t get knocked off accidentally.

The seat not only is padded, but also comes with a 2 inch thick padded back rest, allowing you to sit back and be a little more comfortable while out at the range or in the woods. The seat itself is 12 inches wide by 14 inches deep, and is adjustable. Plus, it can handle up to 300 pounds of weight.

This product is a little more on the bulky side, weighing 46 pounds. However, that is because of its durability and heavy-duty construction. Truthfully, if you want a product that adds comfort and gives you something you can rely on, this is the choice for you.

#8 Caldwell Stable Lite Ambidextrous Fully Collapsible Table

Caldwell Stable Lite Ambidextrous Fully Collapsible Table Review This is a very cleverly designed shooting table that makes transport and setting up easy to do. This is a lightweight and durable table which is perfect for those who want a comfortable place to set up without taking up a lot of space.

You will find that it is quick and easy for you to be able to get this table ready to go, and you are able to rotate and adjust the seat as well as the table depth to give you the maximum amount of comfort when you are shooting. It is protected in its design so that it can handle rain, snow, or any other weather condition.

For those who had a battle with trying to find a table that fits either left or right-handed users, you will find that this is the perfect choice. The seat pivots to make it comfortable for either a left or right-handed shot, and both the tabletop and the seat are weatherproof. You simply can’t beat how this was designed.

The table is 23 inches wide by 34 inches long and reaches a maximum height of 32 inches tall. You are able to adjust the seat to as high as 17 inches. Plus, the seat rotates. The entire table is collapsible and it can handle up to 250 pounds of weight. It weighs less than 30 pounds, making it portable, yet has a high level of durability. Truly a fantastic option for you to take to the range row while you are hunting.

#9 Apontus Folding Shooting Bench

Apontus Folding Shooting Bench Review This is another great shooting bench that folds down much like a table to make transport and storage a whole lot easier. What separates this from many of the other similar style products you will find on the market is that it is able to handle a heavy load, up to 300 pounds. Plus, the frame is powder coated to prevent rust or corrosion. Makes it the perfect option for any type of weather.

You are able to adjust the height of the table and the shooting rest which makes it so that both younger and older hunters and marksmen will be able to use this product. It does not matter whether you are man or woman, 12 years old or 60, you will enjoy how easy it is to set the table height to accommodate your size and comfort level.

The shooting platform is 24 inches long by 24 inches wide, giving you plenty of space for almost any style gun you are using. Plus, a large pocket is included on each side of the shooting table, giving you storage space for your cartridges, ammunition, and other accessories.

Of course, portability is a big factor with this table as well. Despite being made of a heavy duty steel frame, it weighs just 35 pounds. This makes it so you can take it with you just about anywhere you go, and its ability to fold down enables you to be able to slide it under a bed or into a closet with ease.

The seat area comes with an additional pad to give you a more comfortable feel while you’re sitting out at the range or in the field. The perfect shooting bench when you’re spending long hours outdoors.

#10 Caldwell BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench

Caldwell BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench Review If you think about it, one of the most perfectly designed pieces of furniture that you will ever encounter is the standard school desk. Most of us have sat at this product, which not only provided ample space for you to be able to do your work during class, but also was built to provide comfort and stability while you worked.

This is how this Caldwell product was created, as the table piece is specifically designed like your standard school desk. This makes it so that you can have your arm rest on the table’s arm extension, much like it would look at a school desk. Plus, you are able to flip the table so that either a right or left-handed person can use the arm extension. It is truly in ingenious design for a shooting bench.

The table area 26 inches across and 45 inches long. The top is made of hardwood and is finished to not only give a nice look, but also protect the bench from the elements. There is an adjustable seat that is included as well, which allows you to reduce it to 16 inches above the ground or raise it as high as 27 inches.

You are also able to spin the desk area and seat 360° to get the perfect shot. The table comes apart into four pieces, making it much easier to transport. That is good, because the entire weight of the desk is 65 pounds. The frame is built using a heavy duty steel that is built to last and provides great stability.

Comparison Chart

Shooting Bench Pros Cons
#1 Caldwell Stable Table with 360 Degree Rotation
  • Provides quick and smooth motion to rotate 360°
  • Can be broken down into seven different pieces to make it more portable
  • You can adjust the table and seat for greater comfort and support
  • Built-in holes help you to insert cleaning forks
  • Built with a solid metal
  • Even if you can break it down into seven pieces it is still heavy to carry
  • The table will shake when firing
  • The table is not as stable as advertised
#2 Kill Shot KS-SBP Portable Shooting Bench Seat
  • Built to handle a heavy load
  • Designed to make it easy to store or transport
  • Provides a great deal of comfort while seated
  • Plenty of space for you to be able to hold items
  • You’ll like that the seat is padded
  • Can be difficult to fold
  • Predrilled holes may not be big enough for the bolt, requiring you to do a little work
  • Needed instructions to be provided
#3 Goplus Portable Shooting Table Bench Seat
  • Build with a heavy duty metal to be able to handle up to 300 pounds
  • Seat area is designed to give you a great deal of comfort
  • Easily folds for storage or transportation
  • Powder coated to prevent rust and corrosion
  • Provides a great deal of stability
  • Two pockets on each side of the table give you additional storage space
  • The table is a little too low, making it uncomfortable to shoot for some
  • No other real complaints with this table
#4 Muddy Swivel-Action Shooting Bench
  • Fantastic design built for toughness and comfort
  • Gives you 360° rotation for both the tabletop and the seat
  • Very easy to assemble and breakdown
  • Built to handle the rigors of any terrain or weather condition
  • Design also provides you with a high degree of comfort
  • The seat is not built for comfort if you are intending to sit on it for hours
  • There are some rough edges around the table and seat that could lead to cuts or abrasions
  • Not treated to resist rust or scratches
#5 MTM HLST High-Low Shooting Table
  • Adjustable height between 18 and 55 inches
  • Built of a lightweight aluminum that makes it easy to be able to transport
  • Plenty of space in the table area
  • Made to give you additional support in rough or unstable terrain
  • Tabletop can be unstable by how it is connected to the tripod
  • Tabletop bends too much
  • Requires you to bring an additional seat or chair if you prefer to sit while using the product
#6 X-Stand Hunting Shooting Bench
  • Easy to transport because of design
  • Incredibly easy to assemble as instructions are clear and helpful
  • Allows you to adjust the seat and table to accommodate your size
  • Tuning knob makes fine adjustments a cinch
  • The swiveling makes it so you can adjust your shot quickly
  • Price should fit almost anyone’s budget
  • Packaged well to ensure it arrives in one piece
  • The seat is too close to the foot of the table. Would be better if it was adjustable
  • Table needs to be longer
  • 35 pounds may be too much for some
#7 Muddy Xtreme Shooting Bench
  • Comes with a very comfortable seat, including padded backrest
  • Can handle up to 300 pounds
  • Large table area that is coated to protect from rust and corrosion
  • Extremely stable table that can handle almost any terrain
  • Seat swivels to make moving toward your target a lot easier
  • Every part of this bench is heavy, reducing portability
  • The legs do not detach, making carrying and storing a lot more difficult
  • The legs are where your feet should go, making sitting a bit more difficult
#8 Caldwell Stable Lite Ambidextrous Fully Collapsible Table
  • Table is built for both left and right handed shooters
  • Easily folds for transportation and storage, weighing only 30 pounds
  • Can handle up to 250 pounds of weight
  • Protected to handle all forms of weather
  • You will need a toolkit to be able to put it together
  • Table surface is a bit slippery
#9 Apontus Folding Shooting Bench
  • Powder coated to protect it from rust and corrosion
  • Can handle up to 300 pounds of weight
  • Easily folds for storage and transport
  • Made of a heavy duty steel that will give a great longevity
  • Plenty of space to set up operation, and includes two large storage pockets
  • While it may weigh only 35 pounds, it is still a little awkward to try to carry
  • Can be a chore to try to get it to close
  • Seat is not made for long hours of sitting
#10 Caldwell BR Pivot Premium Shooting Bench
  • Great design that is familiar to most of us and makes for the perfect shooting bench
  • Table area provides ample size and is finished to protect against the elements
  • Seat allows you a great deal of versatility in terms of height
  • Made of a sturdy steel that is stable and provides longevity
  • Made by a company you can depend upon
  • This table is quite expensive
  • Clips pop off the feet rather easily
  • Seat adjuster is known to strip
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”Why Use a Shooting Bench?” answer-0=”The truth is that no matter how good of a shot you are and how stable you feel, you are likely to find that having a shooting bench provides you with the kind of stability and accuracy you can’t ignore. This allows you to stay focused on your target for hours, and be ready at a moment’s notice. For a person who intends to spend long hours sitting in a perch or gazing across a field for their prey to appear, you simply can’t beat this product.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”How Shooting Benches are different from a Regular One?” answer-1=”A regular bench is made for people to sit on. While many of the shooting benches come with seats attached, the purpose of this type of bench is to give you a place to perch your rifle or shotgun so that it is always in the ready position. It enables you to have an accurate shot each and every time, plus provide some additional support and comfort for your arm while you sit at the ready.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”Would Iit Be Better to Get One with a Seat Included?” answer-2=”That is a really good question. Many preferred the fact that there are options out there that already come with a seat. However, it is also true that for larger people or for those who need or desire a more comfortable seat, you may not want a shooting bench that already comes with an attached seat. Many report that some seats are difficult to sit in because of how large they are, so choosing a bench without a seat could be the better option.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”Are Some Manufacturers Better Than Others?” answer-3=”In this review, you saw that there are actually three Caldwell products. They do make outstanding shooting benches, and you can depend upon their products to give you a magnificent option, but don’t get stuck on manufacturer. There are seven or eight other manufacturers in this review, letting you know that there are a number of companies out there making outstanding products.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”Is Portability Important?” answer-4=”The truth of the matter is that it is incredibly important. Unless you have a spot on your own land where you could set up your table and just leave it, you are likely going to have to lug your shooting bench out to the range or out to hunt. Choosing one that is bulky, difficult to carry, and heavy, means you are not going to use it. It can simply become a waste of your money if it is not a portable option.” image-4=””count=”5″ html=”true” css_class=”faq”]

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