how to move a heavy gun safe

Deciding to have a gun safe in your home can be an extremely pragmatic and sensible thing to do. No matter what kind of valuables you have, even if they are media files or documents, safe can be the perfect beans to guard what you have, not only to keep burglars or thieves from being able to take them, but also to give you a secure place to be able to locate your valuables when you need them. Gun safe is an absolute necessity if you have firearms. You need to ensure that your guns do not fall into the wrong hands, and this is best accomplished through use of a dependable and secure safe.

While a gun safe can be a practical item to purchase, it is also true that many of these are quite heavy. They are made of materials that make it difficult for someone to break into. Some of them are even fireproof, meaning that they can weigh 100 pounds or more. That can create quite a challenge for you to move the gun safe upstairs or downstairs within your house on your own so that you can install it where you need it. In this article, I like to show you how to move a heavy gun safe by yourself easily?

What to Do Before Moving a Heavy Safe?

Before doing anything, there are some steps that you need to take to protect yourself and your safe. It starts with removing all items that are currently stored in the safe. Whether it is ammunition, jewelry, firearms, or any other item, find a secure place where you can store this during the move of your safe.

#1 Clear Your Safe.

If you are removing a firearm or ammunition, make sure that these are stored in a location where they are inaccessible from someone who may attempt to steal them. Putting them in a toolbox that is hidden in the back of a closet or in some other kind of secure bin like this would be the ideal choice.

#2 Secure the Door.

In some instances, you may find that the removal of the door will make moving the safe whole lot easier. Some safes are designed to allow you to easily take off the door when the safe is unlocked. Refer to your owner’s manual or to their website to see if this is possible. You may find that removing the door takes as much as 25% of the weight off, making movement a whole lot simpler. If you are unable to remove the door, make sure that it is closed and locked before beginning the moving process.

#3 Get the Equipment You Need.

You also need to acquire the proper equipment necessary for you to be able to move the safe. It is quite impractical for you to believe that you can move it on your own without the help of some kind of mechanical assistance, so acquiring a dolly is essential.

  • It is also an advantage to use one that has a track running up the handle, making it easier for you to pull up the stairs or lower down the stairs. These kinds of dollies allow you to lay the track against the stairs, ensuring that the safe will more securely hold in place while also removing the challenge of having to pull the dolly from stair to stair.
  • Straps are also essential to secure your safe to the dolly as well. The kind that allow you to fasten the strap in place are a better choice.
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#4 Clear a Path.

One step that most people neglect before attempting to move a heavy gun safe is ensuring that the pathway from where the safe is located to where you wanted to go is clear. Don’t give yourself just enough room to be able to get by. Clear as much space to each side, as much as 4 or 5 feet if possible, so nothing gets caught as you are moving from one location to another. Make sure you measure properly give yourself plenty of room.

#5 Protect Your Safe.

Also, before strapping your safe to the dolly, make sure that you have placed materials around it that will prevent it from being scratched or damaged. If it is coming in the box, it should be packaged properly so that nothing can get damaged. However, if you are moving from one spot in your home to another, then wrap the safe with blankets, a piece of canvas, or even bubble wrap if necessary. Anything that will keep your safe from being damaged.

How to Move a Heavy Gun Safe into Your House?

Moving safe in your home may be one of the most challenging things you will ever do. Not only are they quite heavy, but depending upon the kind of safe that you have, they can be quite awkward to move. This can create quite a challenge as you want to avoid damaging the safe or getting injured.

It would probably be best to get some assistance, but that is not always available to you. You may have the safe delivered to your home and need to get it installed right away, or you may be in a situation where you need to move it from one location to another. Waiting on others may not be an option for you, and you may not want others to know where your safe is located. This leaves you to do the work on your own.

This may seem rather odd, but the truth is that the procedure you would need to follow to move your safe upstairs is different from what you would need to do and moving it downstairs. This is why two separate sets of instructions have been provided to you.

How to Move a Gun Safe Upstairs?

It is also interesting to know that moving a safe upstairs is actually easier and much safer than it is to move downstairs. Your dolly becomes the primary means that you use to assist you in getting the safe up the stairs, while also providing you with a means to secure your gun safe in place should you need to rest for a moment. Now let’s begin with the proper procedure:

#1 Remove Anchor Bolts & Lock the Door.

If you are moving a gun safe from one location of your home to another, start by removing any anchor bolts that attach the safe to a wall or floorboard. Once these are removed, remove the door if possible. If unable to do so, close and lock it, and protect your safe by covering it with blankets, tarps, or any other material that will act as a cushion.

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#2 Place Your Safe on the Dolly.

Slide the dolly underneath the safe so that the weight is properly balanced on the safe. One side of the safe should not stick out further from the edge of the dolly then the other side. This is important so as to give you the greatest balance when you are moving the safe.

#3 Secure Your Safe.

Once you have placed the safe on the dolly, strap the safe in place by securely fastening it to the dolly. Make sure that you have secured it in at least two different locations to add extra security. If you are moving a safe that is 4 feet or more in height, three straps may be necessary. Ensure that the safe has no means to be able to slip or move.

#4 Pull the Safe and Move on.

Pull the safe to the bottom of the stairs and turn it so that the wheels of the dolly are faced against the stairs. This is a task that is best accomplished with you equal to the top of the dolly as possible. This may even mean that you need to sit on your butt and pull up by simply leaning back one step at a time. Some would tell you that it is safer to push the safe up the stairs, but if you should lose your balance you are putting yourself in a situation where you could be crushed by the safe. Pulling it up the stairs is the safer option.

#5 Keep Your Balance.

As you approach the top of the stairs, try to keep your shoulders equal to the top of the dolly. If you find that you need to take a break, make sure that you securely hold the dolly in place while you rest. Unless you are able to lock the wheels so that it is unable to slide, hold tightly then proceed when you are ready to go. This should eventually lead you to you sitting on your knees and eventually get you to where you are on your feet.

How to Move a Gun Safe Downstairs?

Going down the stairs is a little trickier. The reason behind this is that gravity can quickly be working against you. If you are not in complete control of the dolly as you are slowly moving it down the stairs, you could find that it could easily get away from you, plummeting to the bottom of your staircase where it could cause damage to the safe or your floor. Here is the procedure you should follow:

#1 Prepare for the Move.

If this is a safe you already own, begin by unscrewing the anchor bolts from wherever you have installed the safe in your home. Cover it with protective materials, such as a blanket or tarp to protect it from being scratched or damaged during the move.

#2 Attach the Safe on Your Dolly.

Place the safe on your dolly so that it is equally distributed across the dolly. Use two straps to secure the safe to the dolly. Should you have a safe that is over 3 feet tall, make sure you use at least three straps. Position the dolly at the top of the stairs so that it is even. Tilt the dolly back about 15° and slowly move the dolly forward and tell the wheels began to go over the edge and down onto the first step. Make sure you have a firm grip so that you do not lose control of the dolly.

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#3 Start Moving Slowly.

Once you have slowly lowered the dolly down onto the first step, tilt the dolly back so that the track is against the top step. Then began to slowly push forward allowing the track to give you extra friction to control the safe.

#4 Control the Whole Balance.

As you move down the steps, to maintain control you are likely going to have to get to your knees and eventually be sitting on your butt so that you have greater control over the safe. Before pushing the safe over to move to the next step, lean your body back as this will give you greater control of the weight. Slowly move forward so that the safe moves with you. This should help you to keep great control of the safe. As you moved lower down the staircase, you will need to slide down off of the top step to the steps below until you have reached the bottom.

How to Move Your Gun Safe While Moving Home?

While this is not a particularly common occurrence, it is still important to discuss what would happen if you are moving your home from its current foundation to another location and you need to transport your firearms and safe? This is an extremely good question.

The fact remains that the movers may require you to remove the safe prior to them loading it on a truck to move to a different location, even if it is just 10 or 12 feet from its current foundation. The reason behind this is that it is not only additional unnecessary weight, but is also an additional hazard. Plus, you probably don’t want to take the risk of your safe being damaged or stolen during the move.

  • The challenging part of this is what to do with your safe while the home is being moved? Prior to the home being taken, it is lifted onto blocks to make it easier for the truck or trucks to be able to load the home. You don’t want to leave your safe inside your home while no one is there. Plus, you may not have another location where you can secure your valuables.
  • The best solution to such a situation is to rent a truck, if necessary, and haul your safe to a storage unit where you can lock it inside the unit. Using the steps to either lower the safe down the steps of your home or to bring it upstairs and out the front door, you should be able to use a dolly to bring your safe all the way into the back of your truck.
  • Then, simply bring it to a storage unit that you can secure for a month, use a secure lock to protect the unit, and you should be good to go.
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