how to organize a gun safe

Gun safe is a great place to be able to store your valuable items. This is why the gun safe has become one of the most useful tools imaginable. Not only does it allow a person to be able to store their firearms, but to be able to do so in a way that helps them to separate out their weapons, ammunition and magazines, jewelry, and other important items.

While this can be a great product to protect your important items, it can easily get disorganized if you don’t know how to organize a gun safe and what makes it perfect. Most safes are utilitarian in their design, giving you nothing more than a chauffeur to store your valuables. This makes it difficult to be able to locate something in emergency or to simply have an organized area.

A Lot Simpler Than You Thought

The truth is that you can have your safe a lot better organized and you may have thought. It just takes a little imagination and a few accessories and you can have the perfect place to store your valuables in a way that makes them easy to locate when needed.

#1 Gun Safe Door Organizer

The place to start is with the door organizer. Depending upon the kind of safe that you have, including its size, the door organizer can be the perfect option to organize your safe. Many of these come with small pockets, even some larger sized pockets. Some even come with holsters that will not only help you to secure your pistols, but make them easy to grab in an emergency. Door organizers come with a number of features you will love, including:

  • Fire retardant pockets to protect valuable documents and media
  • Key clips
  • Straps to hold loose items
  • Holsters
  • Pockets and compartments of various sizes
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#2 Adjustable/Removable Shelves

While many safes already come with adjustable shelves, there are still those that provide you with a built-in shelf or no shelving at all. However, you are able to purchase shelving for most safes and brands that will allow you to better organize the interior of your product.

This will enable you to be able to set up shelves of various heights, creating spaces that accommodate the kinds of items that you have. This can make it easy for you to be able to put such things as binoculars, magazines and ammunition, cleaning kits and other important accessories in an area that makes it easy for you to locate and prevents damage.

One of the primary reasons for organizing your safe is to prevent your items from being damaged, and having a well organized safe prevents this from occurring. Having a spot that is specifically designed for your binoculars, prevents ammunition or metal rods from coming in contact with the binoculars. This is just one reason to keep yourself well-organized.

#3 Pistol Racks

The use of a rack for your long rifles is a great way to organize your safe. Depending upon the kind and number of rifles that you have this can be a fantastic way to add better organization to you safe.

Plus, it makes it easier to grab your firearms in emergency. You also love the fact that these racks also prevent your rifles get from getting damaged or prevent the rifle from scratching your safe. The metal on your rifle can easily scratch the safe, but this can be protected by having a rack that is holding your long rifles in place.

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#4 Thinking Outside the Box

These kinds of items and accessories are made available by the safe companies themselves. Many of them understand that people want to have a better organize safe, so they make these accessories available to help people to accomplish this goal.

However, you can do the same thing through common items without having to spend a lot of additional money on these kinds of accessories. Here are some such examples:

  • Screw Cabinets. Depending upon the size of your safe, you could create a whole lot of organization by using the kind of cabinet drawers that many people use in their garage to sort screws. These provide several different small drawers which can allow you to choose a specific drawer for specific items. Plus, these cabinets come in a variety of sizes which could give you the adequate space you need for your safe.
  • File Folders. If you are storing a number of documents inside your safe, the use of file folders can help you to keep those documents well organized. While they may all go on the same shelf, having items categorized to make it easy to find what you are looking for can save you a lot of time.
  • Position. You may not need to spend any money at all or by any product for that matter. The way you position the items in your safe can help you to stay organized. Simply by choosing to put ammunition and magazines in one spot, have your pistols near the front of the shelf, and putting jewelry and other small items in individual boxes near the back can help you to find things quickly and easily. It’s true you’ll have to do a little readjusting to get stuff out, but you’ll know where it’s at.
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As a final note, it is important to consider that organization is actually helping to keep your valuables safe and your safe from being damaged. It is very easy for something to get broken or scratched when pulling your items in and out of your safe on a regular basis. Plus, your firearm can do a lot of damage to things that matter to you most.

Keeping yourself organized can prevent these kinds of things from happening, and it doesn’t really take a lot of effort on your part to make this happen. Just spend a little time determining what you want your safe to be for you and then get the accessories that will assist you to accomplish that. This will help you to retrieve your items when you need them, especially in an emergency situation where every second matters.

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