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Every gun owner ranks theft protection at the top of their list, but you would still like to have easy access to your firearm in the case of an emergency. Biometric gun safes offer an easy to access fingerprint scanner to have your firearm ready at a moment’s notice. That is why you must have to own the best biometric gun safe.

With the old-school combination safe slowly becoming part of history, the new biometric gun safe has stepped up to fill the void. With many states now dictating the importance of gun safety, this state of the art new technological advance has been filling up homes all over the United States.

In this article, I am going to discuss about how biometric gun safe is the ultimate for you & your firearms and give you an unbiased reviews with a buying guide that will definitely help you to choose your next gun safe.

How to Make the Right Choice?

Not just all safes are the same and I have selected a few specific guidelines to pick the best biometric safe for you. By following these six buying guidelines, you will be sure that you are making the correct choice to select the perfect biometric gun safe for you. These features will ensure that you get optimal performance & desired results and you do not waste your money:

  • Biometric Features. The biometric scanner is something that you should look at and focus. It’s easier that way and no risk of forgetting the combination. Only someone with your hand or yourself can get into them.This scanner should be of high-quality and also have a proven track record of reliability. Unless you really need to give a lot of people access to your safe, it won’t matter how many fingerprints the scanner can hold. But having this feature could make your life very easy.
  • Size. Also, you will need to look at the location. If you need something portable and easy to access, you will find a smaller biometric fingerprint safe. These are perfect for holding smaller firearms and giving you faster access in the time of danger. Hunters will look for a bigger one to keep rifles, but some large safes are also equipped with biometric fingerprint scanners and these will still allow you quick access. The only downside is that they will be difficult to move and may take a little extra time to open.
  • Battery Type. Biometric safes come with various battery types. You could choose the lithium ion powered one or the typical battery powered safe. Usually, this battery is a 9 volt or just 4 AA batteries. The lithium ion batteries may be stronger, but you will need to charge them at least three times a year. The other cells may not offer charging ports, but they will last multiple years.
  • Durability. Each safe is made from a particular type of steel and this type will tell you the durability/strength. Some of them are made to be fire resistant stuff, while others are only made to withstand prying. I recommend finding one that is 14-18 gauge steel as this will ensure quality and protection.
  • Weight. The weight is extremely important when you look for something that is portable and will allow you the opportunity place it anywhere in the house. You need to ensure that it will be able to fit on your counter. The top listed biometric gun safes are generally lighter and perfect for concealing anywhere.
  • Additional Features. When technology powers a safe, it opens up many doors and these doors can be benefits to you. Some of the quality biometric gun safes offer USB ports to charge and some are made specifically to fit in a glove compartment. If you are planning on spending a lot of money on a safe, you might as well buy one that is more than a safe.

Top 12 Biometric Gun Safes on the Market!

#1 Vaultek MX Series Multiple Pistol Storage

Vaultek MX Series Multiple Pistol Storage Review This is a safe you are going to find to be of the highest quality possible. With a 14gauge carbon steel construction that includes a 12gauge door and a durable powder coat finish, you not only get a safe that is well constructed and able to withstand any attempt to tamper with it, but you also get one that is going to be corrosion free.

The exterior of this safe is extremely well designed. Through seamless welding and the use of durable plates, this is an antitheft wonder. It not only is pry resistant and impact resistant, but it also offers alerts that can be sent to your phone should someone be attempting to try to pry open the safe or if it senses a strong impact.

The use of smart technology is another way that this safe has distinguished itself from many of the other options you will find. The app not only lets you know the status of your battery, the brightness of the interior light, and if the safe has been opened or someone is attempting to open it, but it also gives you a means to open your safe using the app.

The biometric sensor on the top of the safe is one of the best in the business. You are able to create up to 20 different user accounts, giving you the ability to have several people have access if you so desire. Plus, there is a keypress you can use as well as an additional safety feature.

The interior of the safe is fantastic as well. The safe opens out with the door moving downward. This makes accessing anything within the safe easy, and the shelf slides out from the unit, allowing you to view all contents inside the safe without having to worry about moving anything around.

This is an extremely well-designed safe that has your peace of mind as a major concern. You can be sure that you can have confidence that your items are going to be kept secure, and because it only weighs 32 pounds portability is another great feature.

#2 BARSKA New Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Cabinet

BARSKA New Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Cabinet Review For those who are looking for a safe that is specifically designed for larger rifles, this is what you are looking for. BARSKA is a brand that has established themselves as the leaders in security in relation to gun safes, and this is one of the best ones you were going fine on the market.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a single rifle or several, you were going to find a lot of things about this safe that are going to make you happy. It is specifically designed to hold up to five long rifles, with inner dimensions of 112.5 inches tall, 52.0 inches across, and 11.5 inches deep.

It weighs 82 pounds, making it light enough for you to be able to install, but heavy enough to make it extremely difficult to get it out of your home. This is augmented by the hardware that is included that enables you to be able to secure the safe in place.

The interior is protected by a foam covering, which not only helps to protect your valuables inside the safe, but also gives you added protection from fire. Five slots are included in the back, making it easy for you to organize your firearms, and a shelf is included up top where you can store magazines, ammunition, and other important valuables.

Plus, this safe is not limited to only storing long guns. By adding a few shelves, you are able to easily store up to 30 handguns in here with ease.

The biometric scanner allows for 120 different users to have their imprints stored in the database. This helps you to be able to give a number of people access if you so desire, making it the ideal safe for a security firm were several people may need access to weapons.

The scanner can be operated both silently and with an alarm. This lets you know if someone is attempting to access your safe, and the recording of fingerprints is extremely easy. This is not only a safe you can count on in an emergency, but one you can have trust in because of its brand.

#3 Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe

Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe Review There is a whole lot to like about this safe. It starts with the interior, which is fully carpeted to help protect whatever items you have inside. There are three shelves that are included, which are adjustable, as clips enable you to be able to set the specific location of each shelf. This enables you to be able to be more organized with your safe, or to simply remove shelves to store larger items.

At nearly 20 inches tall, it gives you the ability to store a large number of items, some as big as a laptop or similar such object. It truly gives you a lot of space so that you can store items that you wish to keep secure, and a large number of them at that.

While the interior is impressive, the exterior is exceptional. This is a safe that uses a laser cut design, that is seamless so that there is nowhere for a person to break or pry this safe apart. It is perfectly welded together to not only give us smooth and stylish look, but also one that you can count on to protect your valuables.

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The safe is made with high quality steel, and the exterior has a black powder coated finish. This makes it so that the safe will not dent easily, making it resistant to high-impact, but also resistant to corrosion.

Of course, which are looking for in a safe of this nature is an exceptional scanner, and this uses one of the best 500 dpi biometric fingerprint scanners you are going to find. Once you have programmed your fingerprint into the safe, you can be sure that in a fraction of a second you were going to have access to this safe.

Because of its design and your ability to securely fasten it in place, you can even position this safe in a high risk area and still not have to worry about people being able to gain access. If they don’t have the fingerprint stored in the database, they are not getting in. The database stores up to 32 fingerprints in the CPU, and will retain that memory even if the batteries die. There is a keypad that you can use in an emergency.

#4 Verifi S6000 Fast Access Smart Safe with FBI Fingerprint Sensor

Verifi S6000 Fast Access Smart Biometric Safe Review This is a safe that comes with a reputation for high-end security, and you can be sure that this one lives up to that reputation. This is a 30 pound home safe that has gone through several forms of testing, including by the Federal Bureau of investigation, and has been certified as one of the best that you can purchase on the market.

The safe has gone through a rigorous testing process, especially in its fingerprint sensor mechanism. This has been tested to ensure that only those fingerprints that have been entered into the system can safely access the safe. All others will be rejected.

The interior of the safe is fantastically designed. The unit is constructed to add a rack that easily slides into the right-hand side so that you can put up to three handguns easily into the safe and have them readily available so all you have to do is reach in and grab the handle and you are ready to go. Yet, there is still plenty of room for you to add a passport, jewelry, and other important items you need to protect.

Included with the safe are tamper alerts, letting you know if someone is attempting to activate or try to get into the safe. A beeping sound will immediately notify you that someone is trying to activate the fingerprint scanner. This is perfect if you have curious kids who may be trying to figure out how to get inside your safe.

When the locking mechanism is activated, you can be sure that your safe is tamperproof. It is built with high grade steel, and the design is made to be both impact and pry resistant. Plus, the plating on the door is made to be drill resistant as well. Truly a fantastic safe that will give you the ability to sleep well at night knowing no one is breaking into your safe.

#5 GunVault Minivault Biometric Pistol Safe GVB1000

GunVault Minivault Biometric Pistol Safe GVB1000 Review If all you are looking for is a safe that holds your handgun and really nothing else, then this is the option for you. This is an extremely dependable safe that is pry resistant to the use of hand tools. It is made of 16gauge steel, and the door is tamper resistant, so you can be sure that your handgun is going to be kept secure.

This is a battery-operated fingerprint scanner, which will give you both an audio and LED light display when the battery is critically low. The use of a battery makes this so that the unit is portable, allowing you to take it with you, and a cable is included that is secured to the box which enables you to be able to fasten it to a permanent fixture in your car or home.

The safe provides one of the top fingerprint scanners you were going to find, making your access into the unit quick and easy. Not only is it easy for you to be able to imprint your fingerprint in the database for storage, but it works quickly, within a fraction of a second, making sure that when you have an emergency that requires that you get into that safe right away, you are able to do so.

Of course, what makes this option so great is the fact that it is portable. The unit weighs about 10 pounds, making it so that you can take it anywhere, and it is approved by the TSA for transport of your firearms on an airplane. The interior is foam coded to not only add protection so that your firearm does not get damaged during transit, but also acts as a fire resistant material.

The safe is just 12” x 8.2” x 5.2”, making it small enough for you to fit in a suitcase, hide in your trunk or under the seat of your car. It requires a 1.9 V battery for use. It is true that there is not much space for anything more than the handgun and maybe a couple of magazines, but you can be sure that you’re getting optimal protection for your firearm, while still allowing you to be able to have the portability to carry it with you.

#6 SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE

SentrySafe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE Review If protecting one handgun and a couple of clips is your primary focus, then this is the safer you. This is a strong unit made specifically for the protection of a single firearm, while still giving you the security of the biometric scanner.

This safe is made of 12gauge solid steel, making it so that the unit is virtually unbreakable. Its design is made to be pry resistant, and you will be impressed at its constructions in terms of how it is able to handle high impact. This safe is designed to be able to take a beating while still keeping your firearm protected.

It is true that there is only a limited amount of storage space inside the safe. At most you are able to hold a handgun, some small jewelry, maybe a clip or two, and a few other odds and ends, but you are not going to get much more in it. However, if your concern is about protecting the things that matter to you most, especially your handgun, then this is a good choice for you.

Included on the safe is the option for both an electronic keypad as well as a fingerprint scanner. You can set both of these mechanisms to provide ease of access, depending upon who you wish to give access to. This allows you to have an additional override should some type of emergency arise.

What you can be most sure of is that once you place your finger on that scanner it is going to be fractions of a second before that safe is opened. This allows you to have the greatest amount of confidence that you were going to be able to protect your family and your property should an emergency arise. No trying to spend time punching in a cold or hoping the key fits in the lock quickly. A single tap of your finger on the scanner and your safe is open.

If you are looking for a safe that gives you the kind of security you want for your handgun, you will not find any much better than this.

#7 Viking VS-14BL Top Opening Drawer Biometric Safe

Viking VS-14BL Top Opening Drawer Biometric Safe Review If you are looking for a top opening drawer safe, then you need to look no further. This is a fantastically designed safe that gives you a great deal of security despite the fact that the door is on the top of the safe.

The biometric fingerprint scanner has been upgraded to a 500 dpi optical reader, giving you greater detail to ensure that you get a higher degree of performance. The safe is able to store up to 32 unique fingerprints, and you can include one keypad code as an additional safety feature if needed. Two safety keys are included as well.

Most importantly, the optical sensor is built to ensure that only those who have registered their fingerprints with the safe are going to gain access into it. While some safes promised to deliver a quality biometric product that will only work with registered prints, they often fall short, allowing virtually anyone to gain access. That is not the case with this option, as you can be sure that if only seven people have registered a print, those are the only seven people getting in.

The safe is made of strong steel, and is laser cut with seamless welding. This makes it both pry resistant and virtually tamper resistant. Plus, it is a military scratch resistant finish, that not only keeps the safe looking sharp, but resists corrosion as well.

Safe only weighs 22 pounds, making it easy to take with you should you need to throw it in a bag, put it in a case, or simply put it in the trunk of your car to take with you. It is 11” x 15” x 5”, which is plenty of space to store a couple of handguns plus accessories and still have room for such things as jewelry, cash, and other valuables.

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However, if you wish to keep this safe in one location, for anchor bolts are included as well. All the hardware that you need is included, to include one Allen wrench. In just a few minutes you can have your safe securely fastened and have no doubts that it is going to keep a would-be burglar out of your safe.

#8 Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 gun safe

Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 gun safe Review If the safe you desire is one that you can carry with you, then this is the perfect option. It has a dual system in place that must be enabled for you to be able to unlock the safe, adding an additional layer of protection. Plus, it is made with an 18gauge solid steel frame, ensuring that this is a safe that is going to be virtually tamper proof.

The new advanced locking system makes him impossible for a person to break into the safe using hand tools. One must either have a fingerprint imprint in the mechanism or be using high-powered construction tools to get this safe open. Up to 120 different fingerprints can be stored in the database, and it uses a one touch sensor, opening the safe to allow you access in fractions of a second. A sophisticated algorithm has been designed to make the recognition software work instantly, giving you quick access when you need it.

While this safe has not been designed for you to store a large number of items, it is ideal for taking a firearm, a clip or two, your passport, and some other important items, such as jewelry. For those who are taking their firearm on a plane, you will find that this meets all of the TSA requirements to be able to carry your firearm with you safely.

A foam covering is included on the interior to add extra protection for your items that are stored on the inside. This foam also adds extra protection in case there is a fire, as it will add at least 30 minutes of additional protection for temperatures up to 850°.

There are elastic straps inside to hold your firearm it and clips in place. In addition, the lid contains three storage pockets to help keep yourself organized. A truly fantastic safe that will keep your firearm secure either at home, the office, or while you were out on the road.

#9 VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe

VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe Review This is one of the most sophisticated biometric safes that you are going to find. Not only does it provide you with a fantastic fingerprint scanner, but is also Bluetooth compatible, meaning that you are able to operate and get information about your safe right to your smart phone. This allows you to not only check the status of your battery and set the interior lighting of the safe, but you are able to unlock the safe from your phone, adding another level of efficiency should you have an issue where you need to open your safe immediately.

The exterior is built to be rugged and durable. It uses a 16gauge carbon steel construction, with a powder coat finish that not only gives the safe a great appearance, but also makes it corrosion resistant. This will help add years to the value of your safe, while also ensuring that it gives you the protection you need to keep unwanted persons out of your safe.

The fingerprint scanner is made so that you can easily add fingerprints into the database and gain quick access into your safe in case of an emergency. In a situation where seconds matter, you can be sure that this technology is built to give you the quickest access possible.

In addition, you are able to use a downloadable app for your smart phone that will enable you to open the safe as well. This requires that you enter a code into your phone to ensure that you are the one opening the safe, so that you can gain access. In addition, the app will notify you when the safe is opened or if someone is attempting to access it, so you can add a level of protection.

There is an interior LED light, which makes it so that you can easily see once the safe lid is open. The interior has plenty of room for any handgun, with additional space for clips provided as well. It’s not a large amount of storage space, but this is the perfect safe for you to use to take with you so that you can keep your firearm secured, or to store in a location in your home where you know that kids and other unwanted persons will not be able to get access.

#10 Liberty Safe HDX-150 Biometric Handgun Vault

Liberty Safe HDX-150 Biometric Handgun Vault Review Here is a smart looking safe that you will truly love. This unit is specifically designed for a handgun and maybe a clip or two, and will fit the vast majority of handgun sizes.

There are a number of reasons why you would find this to be the ideal safe to use. At 10 pounds and 13″ x 9″ x 3″, this is the perfect safe to store in a back closet where no one may know you have it or to use when you travel. In fact, it is approved by the TSA to use as a travel safe for a firearm. Plus, it easily slides under your seat or in the spare tire compartment of your car.

The safe is made of a high-grade metal, which prevents unauthorized access to the safe with great efficiency. Surprising how strong this safe is considering how lightweight it is as well.

The biometric sensor is of outstanding quality, making it so that the safe opens quickly, within a fraction of a second once your finger has touched the sensor display. In under a second you will quickly be able to open up your safe and access your firearm in case of an extreme emergency.

The interior of the safe is coated with foam, providing additional protection for your firearm. Plus, a small compartment is added so that you can have two fully loaded clips included in the safe. Liberty Safe HDX-150 is absolutely fantastic in the way that this is designed in terms of how it protects the items inside while still providing an adequate amount of space.

A steel cable is hooked inside the safe, and enables you to be able to lock your box to a permanent structure or to the seat of your car. This helps you to protect from the safe being stolen.

Comparison Chart

Biometric Safe Pros Cons
#1 Vaultek MX Series Multiple Pistol Storage
  • Fantastic design that is both smart and efficient
  • The ultimate in terms of anti-theft protection
  • Smart technology makes this safe the ideal option in ensuring you were always aware what is going on with your safe
  • Three effective ways using technology for you to be able to access the safe
  • A great safe that is lightweight, allowing you to take it with you
  • No doubt that for some $600 is a lot to spend
  • The use of Bluetooth opens the door for hacking
  • No Wi-Fi support
#2 BARSKA New Large Quick Access Biometric Rifle Gun Cabinet
  • Plenty of storage space
  • Stores up to 120 different fingerprints
  • Easy to set up in your home and provides incredible protection for your firearms
  • Built with a heavy duty construction that you can count on, making it nearly impossible to be broken into
  • Biometric locking system is easy to use and activate when needed
  • While there is plenty of storage space here, if you have a rifle with a scope you were only able to fit one rifle in here
  • If not properly connected, can tip forward when the door is open
#3 Viking Security Safe VS-50BLX Large Biometric Safe
  • One of the best biometric fingerprint scanners you were going to find
  • Quickly and easily allows you access with a touch of your finger or thumb
  • All mounting hardware is included and allows you to secure the safe and placed easily
  • Provides plenty of storage space, making it perfect for any business that needs to store money and firearms
  • Would be better if it was fire resistant
  • Is not large enough for rifles
#4 Verifi S6000 Fast Access Smart Biometric Safe
  • Great biometric scanner that works correctly each and every time
  • Adds the smart feature to notify you on your phone through an app if someone is attempting to access your safe
  • Provides plenty of interior space
  • A high quality construction makes it virtually tamperproof
  • More costly than many other options
  • Not as much space as some standard biometric safes
  • You must purchase the rack as it does not come included in the safe
#5 GunVault Minivault Biometric Pistol Safe GVB1000
  • Perfect safe to use for transport of your firearm
  • Durable construction and well-designed to make it pry and tamper resistant
  • Great fingerprint scanner technology used
  • While the scanner works well, the key pad can have issues after a few months
  • Cable connection into the safe needed to have been of a more durable construction
#6 Sentry Safe Biometric Quick Access Pistol Safe Model # QAP1BE
  • Response time of the scanner is one of the best
  • Provides you with the greatest amount of protection, not only in the lock but in the design of the safe
  • Built to be both pry resistant and impact resistant
  • Safe provides you with a limited amount of storage space
  • There is a design flaw in this safe that has not been improved from previous models that allows a person to be able to bust open the locking mechanism
#7 Viking VS-14BL Top Opening Biometric Drawer Safe
  • Well designed to give you a pry resistant, corrosion resistant, and tamper resistance safe
  • Fantastic 500 dpi optical sensor gives you accurate readings every time
  • The craftsmanship of this safe is fantastic
  • Perfect choice to lock in place or to use as a portable safe
  • Keypad numbers stick at times or get skipped when you press them
  • Optical scanner can be finicky at times, making you reenter your fingerprint on occasion
  • The LED light is not very durable
#8 Gunvault MicroVault XL MVB1000 Biometric Fingerprint Gun Safe
  • Made with a strong 18gauge solid steel frame
  • Is able to store as many as 120 fingerprint imprints
  • Built to endure fire for at least 30 minutes
  • Well designed interior provides protection and easy organization
  • Limited amount of space allows for only one handgun to be carried at a time
  • Some report having to try their finger in the scanner three or four times before it would activate
#9 VAULTEK VT20i Biometric Handgun Safe
  • Use of 16gauge steel gives you great durability
  • Phone app allows for additional security and access
  • Uses the latest innovations to ensure the very best in fingerprint imprint scanner technology
  • Allows you to recharge it using USB cable
  • Perfect safe to use when you are traveling
  • Gives you the capability to hold only one firearm in this safe
  • Some report having problems connecting the app into the safe
  • The use of Bluetooth technology opens the door to being hacked
#10 Liberty Safe HDX-150 Biometric Handgun Vault
  • Great design meant to give you the perfect amount of space for your firearm and clips
  • Exceptional biometric sensor that activates quickly and effectively
  • Lightweight makes it the perfect portable safe
  • Perfect for taking with you on any trip
  • Some have reported difficulties with the biometric sensor
  • Needs to be slightly larger to include a light attachment
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Most Frequently Asked Questions

[sc_fs_multi_faq headline-0=”h4″ question-0=”What is a Biometric Gun Safe?” answer-0=”Biometric technology started in the US and the NSA and many different security centers across the world now rely on this technology. This not only allows people to track someone but can also be used as a system that gives access to certain types or specified individuals. Biometric gun safes are mostly known for the speed at which they allow you to access your weapons. The locking system on the biometric gun safes are easy to lock and have excellent strength capabilities that are not easy to break open. Obviously, it will help you to get better safety than the non-biometrics.” image-0=”” headline-1=”h4″ question-1=”How Does Biometric Technology Work?” answer-1=”This technology uses the human body as a key. This means that parts of your body can be used to give you access to certain areas. Our bodies are each extremely unique and this will mean that you will have your very own unique key. In the early days of fingerprints, it was considered that our fingerprints contain our entire identification and this is completely true. The fingerprint is also extremely reliable, but sometimes it may let you down. This will all rely on the quality of the scanner and the software. Some consider the keypad to be part of this system, but even though it is a step in the right direction and a positive in terms of moving forward with technology, it still isn’t the perfect definition of this technology.” image-1=”” headline-2=”h4″ question-2=”How Reliable are Biometric Gun Safes?” answer-2=”While gun safes are generally judged by the materials they are made from; it is extremely hard to determine exactly how safe a biometric gun safe is. It will really all depend on the method you are using to try and break open the safe. While the effort going into a biometric gun safe may be enormous, these safes are still not perfectly safe and I believe that no safe is 100%. If you give someone with the right equipment enough time, they will find a way in.” image-2=”” headline-3=”h4″ question-3=”Should I Buy One With a Fingerprint Scanner or Not?” answer-3=”While the temptation may be there to buy a safe without a fingerprint scanner, I highly recommend investing in the one with a fingerprint scanner. The fingerprint scanner will not only reduce the time it takes to open the safe, but it will also be more beneficial in stressful times. Sometimes we tend to forget important information once we are put under stress or if danger arises, but your finger will never forget its print. This will give you faster and easier access to your firearm and relieve some of the stress.” image-3=”” headline-4=”h4″ question-4=”How can I make the biometric scanner smarter?” answer-4=”For the fingerprint scanner, you will need to take extra precautions and that is why I always recommend keeping a small cloth close by to ensure that you can wipe the scanner once you are done. The reason I like to encourage this is that sometimes our fingerprints may stick to the scanner and when a scanner does not use heat detection as an added method, intruders will only need to exert pressure on the scanner and it will open.” image-4=”” headline-5=”h4″ question-5=”What Will Happen if Biometric Technology Fail?” answer-5=”This is a question I get a lot and the truth is that even though technology may fail you, it is always faster and handier in dangerous and stressful situations. All of these technologically advanced safes are fitted with override keys that will let you enter the safe if technology may fail. The technology will also be very trustworthy if you remember to check the batteries every once in a while. This will leave the choice for you to make: Would you prefer speed and easy access or will you sacrifice speed for the slight chance that technology may fail? With the whole world moving forward, there is no need to be left in the dark and endanger you.” image-5=”” headline-6=”h4″ question-6=”Should I Buy a Portable or Large Gun Safe?” answer-6=”This will all come down to personal preference. I always recommend making sure that your gun safe adheres to the Justice regulations for safes and that you first buy a big safe that can be mounted to keep your firearm secure if you do not need it. If you like to travel a lot, I would recommend the smaller and more portable safes. This will ensure that you have security over your firearm, while still having easy and quick access to use it. The portable gun safe will be highly beneficial to people regularly on the road. But just remember that no matter which safe you buy, it is highly unlikely that any plane will allow you to board with a firearm.” image-6=”” headline-7=”h4″ question-7=”Which Materials are Best for a Gun Safe?” answer-7=”Generally, every safe goes through a rigorous testing process and the manufacturer will use all the means necessary to try and break the safe, before releasing the safe on the market. I mostly recommend steel as it is one of the most durable and highly tested materials on earth. Steel has been proven time and again to withstand high amounts of heat and water. Another great thing about steel is the ability conduct electricity and keep the charge in the steel frame. This will ensure that your firearm does not go off or that any items are damaged, should intruders try and use electricity to pry open your safe. Even though steel is not 100% impenetrable, I highly recommend paying a little extra and choosing a steel safe.” image-7=”” headline-8=”h4″ question-8=”How Much a Biometric Gun Safe Costs?” answer-8=”Cheap gun safes are generally under $100 and more focus & emphasis is placed on the metal. These safes are usually small as well and will only hold a few valuable items. Many people choose them because they will fulfill an immediate need and also for their portability. Commercial safes are a little bit more expensive, but they provide an excellent balance in quality and features. Military grade safes are used by defense agencies and they are extremely difficult to get a hold of. The biometric scanners generally cost $5000-$7000, but they will make sure no one can enter. For standard home safes, you should be able to find something suitable for under $1000. This will all depend on the size you are looking for.” image-8=”” headline-9=”h4″ question-9=”How to Choose the Best Biometric Gun Safe on a Tight Budget?” answer-9=”I recommend looking for the key features that you need and you might be able to shave off another $100 from the price. The key is always to ensure that quality is present and that you buy something for a specific purpose and not just pick a cheap safe. The basic biometric features on the smaller safes will still fulfill their purpose, but sometimes they may lack in quality and durability. I recommend looking at as an investment that will pay itself back in a few years.” image-9=”” headline-10=”h4″ question-10=”What is the Best Biometric Gun Safe?” answer-10=”All of the safes listed here have passed the test of being durable and perfect for quick access. Some may be a little expensive, but the money will certainly pay itself back over the years that you use the safe and you can’t really put a price on your life and the security of your loved ones. Make the investment and buy a quality safe. This will not only improve your home security, but you will also be advancing with anti-theft technology.” image-10=”” count=”11″ html=”true” css_class=”faq”]

Levis Herrmann

Levis Herrmann

Levis has been a blogger for many years, and has a considerable amount of experience as an internet marketing executive. The idea behind the site was actually his brainchild. He spent years using his skills as a marketing executive to help market and promote products & services and wanted to do something that really had an impact on consumers. He built a small team to help him get the site off the ground and to help develop the strategy behind what DefenseHacks is all about.

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