Best Beginner Classical Guitars Under 500 [2024 Reviews]

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Protege by Cordoba C100M 3/4 Size Classical Guitar occupied the first place in our list of best classical guitar under 500.

Best Beginner Classical Guitars Under 500
Oh Cordoba…how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I sat in on some studio sessions with one of the full size models a few years ago, and I could not have been happier with how well it performed. If you have a learner or aspiring young musician in your household that is not ready for a full size guitar, or if they need a good starter guitar for private lessons or lessons at school, this is going to be hands down your best investment. Let me explain to you why this is fantastic classical style guitar.

Spruce Top/Mahogany Back and Sides

I love the warm rich tone of spruce-top guitars, I grew up with a guitar that had a spruce top, and it only got better with age. Cordoba’s protege has some of the best tone I’ve heard from a classical guitar, and the mahogany back and sides of the guitar add a rich bass tone to the brighter-sounding spruce top. This guitar honestly sounds way better than I believe it has any business sounding, and it is a hgih-quality purchase at a very affordable price point.

Neck and Strings

One of the things I like best about classical guitars is the broad, forgiving neck that makes developing proper fretting technique a joy as opposed to a chore. With it’s ¾ size, the Protege is ideal for smaller players that are just learning the ropes, and nylon strings are far gentler on fingers still unaccustomed to the workout that they will get playing a steel string guitar. Best of all, the Protege comes prestrung with a set of Savarez 500CJ nylon strings, which not only last a very long time, and provide a gorgeous tone in combination with the overall neck, body, top construction of this lovely little guitar.

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Action, Fit, Finish, Features

This is a premium learner guitar that gives you the best overall value for young guitarists just starting out with lessons, or teaching themselves to play. This particular package also includes a soft gig bag for easy storage and transportation, and a clip on tuner (my favorite type of tuner, I might add) that makes keeping your guitar in tune and ready to play a breeze. The natural finish of the spruce top is augmented beautifully with the golden hues of the back and sides, and the soundhole’s ornate inlay that forms the the root of the neck is just plain gorgeous.

This guitar not only suits beginners, but it could easily hold its own in a recording session were it mic’d up or played with a soundhole acoustic pickup. Cordoba Protege is an exceptional value at an excellent price, and it is my first choice for a student guitar for younger players to take their first steps into the larger world of playing the guitar.

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