Best Electric Guitars Under $1000 [2024 Reviews]

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When you here of a good guitar I hope most of you have a good idea of what it may be like. However,there are those of you out there who have not come across a smart, musical, durable and convenient guitar that will make your playing not only enjoyable but more fulfilling. I am talking about that type of a guitar that you will always want it to be close to your hands and nowhere else because you cannot let it go.

I have come across different types of musical instruments but a guitar to be particular is my best option. I have also used different types of guitars designed for different purpose and different individuals and I know getting your hands on the best product is amazing. Finding a good guitar is quite hard, but we made this happen. Here are the 5 best electric guitars under $1000:

#1 Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar

Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus Electric Guitar Review

Editor Favorits
  • The instrument itself is beautiful and not bright, but really a much darker, deep red and gold color.
  • Because of the neck and how it’s constructed and designed, you can flick those arpeggio fingers quicker than the speed of light if you use your fingers as opposed to guitar picks.
  • The Fender Tele has the “chrome-dome” standard control knobs offering a huge range of sounds because of the coil splitting humbucking system.
  • The various combo sounds you’ll get will be flexible, but it’s because of the equivalency to some of the strat sounds.
  • It’s professionally designed with the colors being nickel and chrome.

  • I prefer tuning down to D, so some guitarists will find that they immediately have to tune according to their preferences when they take it out of the box.
  • It’s really because of the various sounds the humbucker system has. Either the strat system is too low or the humbucker is too high. It’s easy to maintain and fix.

Any guitarist that plays Fender Modern Player Tele® Plus will soon find out that their anxieties will be calmer when they play this particular guitar because of the triple-pickup model feature. I know it did for me. All I did when I got it out of the box was plug it in to my amp, tune-it, warmed up with some quick arpeggios and scales for about 20 minutes and jammed for hours.

Some of the main features you hear from this guitar is that it’s a genuine rare beauty in the Fender guitar series. The 6-string Fender guitar sound comes through whether you put it on a low or high range of volume. The pickups add a variety of tonalities to it. You’ll notice the various sounds, whether you play fast metal, soft country ballads, or even a small sampling of classical melodies that are suddenly going to have a variable sound to each when playing.

It also has a bit of the Stratocaster sound to it with the coil-split. This will gain you some volume. The mid-pickups makes the chords or notes your playing a bit hollow which sounds great when you want to play those rock and roll ballads, or whatever your music preference is.

With harmonics and sophisticated rhythmic or melodic playing, you’ll be able to gain the natural sounds with the Fender Modern Player Telecaster Plus electric guitar. All the tonalities vary because of the revolutionary pickup system. Engineered to perfection, the crisp and clear switches keeps the original telecaster electric sound awesome. Because of the regular switch that the humbucking bridge pickup requires, you won’t miss anything.

-The perfect pickup switching systems.
Fender has always designed those pickup switching systems with the body shape as a single cutaway made out of solid pine and glossed wood. I love this quality in a guitar. I automatically get into the rhythm, or groove, quick-like.

Nevertheless, the slick back and the comfort of the neck keeps me playing for hours. The neck is for right-handed guitarists and has the regular C standard orientation; it’s also made of maple wood and joint bolted on. The standard professional model is well crafted. The length of the maple neck is 25.5″ and has a standard truss rod through it. Naturally it has 22 frets with a radius of 9.5″ and dotted inlays. The nut width is about 1.65″ (42 mm). In other words, they knew exactly what they were doing because it’s nearly perfect when you view it all around, it’s balanced and smooth.

When plugged in, it’ll be plain as daylight when you hear it’s perfection with different pitches and tonalities which you select. This is what I love about it. The various tonalities coming off my amp. The entire guitar construction has the modern telecaster neck, the middle has the modern strat player feature and the bridge has the modern humbucker player system.

Here are some other notable features that the Fender Telecaster has: The control layout and a master volume and general tone system, but it doesn’t have a kill switch, and the bridge is a fixed type. The bridge design is a 6-saddle design and has the vintage-style tuning system. Additionally, if a string busts, yes, you have to string it through the body since it has a tailpiece.

-Much to gain; the Fender’s sound rep.
This particular Fender does enhance my performance while I still gain fast learning techniques. While you feel and gain the understanding of it’s various features, you’ll notice the same. Since it’s known for being able to clear all musical aspects of various sounds in the music industry, this particular model will expand your guitar playing repertoire. With so much to offer you’ll quickly notice that you’ve gained speed, strength, endurance and hand coordination once you play along the fretboard with your fingers. This is how I felt when I started playing my Fender Telecaster. I can feel the smoothness with various positions of my hands and fingers. (This is easier as I practice the completion of various exercises such as arpeggios, scales, and chords along the way.)

Other features I found that helped with playing comfortably is the C-shaped maple neck of the guitar. It is easy to play because of the maple fret board with the awesome 22 jumbo fret. And if your fingers are mid to large type, then you’ll have no problem. Although the ones with small fingers, such as me, I make sure I practice and stretch my fingers a bit before really playing it with some scales. This will spread my fingers out and warm them up, plus it’s easier because of the fingerboard being smooth. It’s richly designed for fast playing leads and optimal playing performance.

In addition, it has a five-way pickup switch system and a three-ply pickguard. The Fender Telecaster also has the “chrome-dome” standard control knobs offering a huge range of sounds because of the coil splitting humbucking system. The electronics are of high-end quality. Normally, there’s never any complaints.

-The constructed guitar piece of art.
The indication that this is one of the best and top of the line Fender electric guitars is the quality built and sound system it has when you play it. Even so, that it’s made in China. It’s a very high-quality instrument that is well-crafted and put together. Since all parts were crafted precisely by machines, it’s going to be perfectly pitched in all sound notes and keys. Personally, when I play it, it sounds well balanced; it’s a definite 6 string work of art.

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-Exploring the final Verdict; the Fender guitar.
Whether your going for the blues solos, the classic rock rhythms, the heavy metal rhythms, or simply want to explore and just jam, this is a guitarist afternoon delight, morning, and at night playing sessions.

It’s ideal for the beginner, intermediate and advanced. But, naturally, it’s how you play the guitar that really counts. It’s a very good quality and genuine Fender guitar. Playability is always a 10 with the Fender Telecaster series along with the sound being optimally high. It has great versatility that comes off great from the amplifiers along with the durability.

#2 Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar; the melodic device

Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar Review

Editor Favorits
  • The price is one of the greatest pros to the LP Standard electric guitar.
  • The after-effects and sounds are beyond professional and it’s substantially light.
  • It uses the standard male jack; this is for the amplification. The standard male instrument cable is 6.35 mm (or 1/4).
  • It does have an adjustable bridge. It’s been the classic setup for over 50 years with an updated patent pending design.
  • Your fingers will snugly wrap around the LP’s neck without any discomfort; this is one of the main pros to the LP. It’s construction and design of the neck and body are well crafted.
  • The Epiphone hardware includes all-metal toggle switches and with ‘rugged spring-steel contacts’. This ensures the longevity of the axe.
  • The Epiphone Ebony Les Paul Standard electric guitar is very well made and is sturdy enough to take some bangs here and there. (Although you don’t want to abuse your axe.)

  • The inscription does signify that was manufactured in the Epiphone’s Indonesian factory; so it’s not in the USA. (But, nevertheless, it’s beautifully constructed and well designed in and out.)
  • The overall alternative to the Epiphone is the Gibson which is about $2,400 more in price.

The ability to use classical forms and melodic devices such as a Les Paul is absorbing all that you can from one of these electric guitar beasts. You can play single note attacks or power chord progressions, but either way, I perform comfortably with the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric guitar.

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric guitar may be as close as you can get to a Gibson Les Paul! It’s general pitch control and clear and stellar sounds will remind you of some of the bluesy rock guitarists plus those hard rock classic guitarists which can be called “guitar extraordinaires”.

It’s sounds will come out of your amplifier making you realize you do know how to play! It’ll be ready to play too as soon as you take it out of the box. Although a good tune will probably be needed. The back of this fretboard, feels like butter when playing; to improvise with sounds and tonalities, it’s easy to slide back and forth while playing scales. In return, my original and creative ‘juices’ seem to flow faster while playing on the Epiphone LP because it’s construction of the Rosewood fretboard and neck, including the easy glides.

The Les Paul Standard electric guitar will give you all the measurements needed to play smooth and quick with a combination of some tricky finger slides. You’ll eventually have it down after your hands and fingers get use to the Les Paul fretboard as you “fudge” around the neck and the strings. Plus, it does have a feature of 14 degrees which will relieve some pressure off the neck’s nut. This allows for great action and sustainability while you play. It’s smooth and will sustain your tones as you play for an everlasting sound that’s frequent with these LPs.

-The Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD Electric Guitar and deliverables.
The body is the classic Les Paul Standard guitar that most musicians are accustomed to seeing by the brand. This Les Paul is a beauty which delivers those amazing tones, harmonics, and sounds through it’s semi-hollow body design. The standard electric guitar is one of the best made because of the lightness and the exceptionally great sound that are amplified with various playing techniques and equipment.

The looks are appealing to the naked eye. It makes a huge difference in looks when seen in person. Also, I feel that the highest quality parts for the pickups on this guitar include the ABS plastic bobbins, 1010 cold rolled steel pole shoes and the pole screws. This includes the Alnico magnets and because it has the finest magnet wire which has been a great supply for this electric guitar and with this caliber.

The guitar can be set to the perfect sound or intonation. The Ebony colored Epiphone Les Paul with the chrome hardware has the standard Epiphone’s “Alnico” Classic Humbucker pickups with coil tapping which should be identical to other Epiphone LPs. With the volume and tone set at a smooth linear, you’ll be jamming for awhile on it. The classic rosewood fretboard has a 24.75 scale and will be playable right out of the box, It look are not as deceiving as this is truly beautiful right out of the box.

-The Sounds of Les Paul’s.
The price or a guitar of this price the pickups are great. With a clean channel, it’s the neck and rhythm pickups that provide a thick and rich warm bluesy tone that certain blues players perform when playing a guitar like this. I’m able to sustain notes longer because of the bridge action too. You’ll notice this when you play it and if you play leads, this is an added benefit. The ability to sustain notes to the highest key will seem like an eternity. A pro element for this type of guitar (and the price) because of the bridge action.

While the bridge and treble pickup provide that perfect tone, I reshape my sound harmoniously becuase of it’s enriched tuning effects and the variable distortion effects that can be used with my Epiphone Les Paul and with any amplifier.

When playing according to your tuning and equipment variables such as the distortion, you can be a little more creative and basically do what you want; in other words, you can “spread your wings” when it comes to the LPs. In fact, when you creatively play continuously without any chance of getting bored easy, just for 20 minutes a day, as my old classical guitar teacher once said, you can come up with a rainbow of licks. Boredom on this axe is not an option; plus, you’ll reshape your your style around this Les Paul beauty. Nevertheless, the distortion plays a huge part of the Les Paul sound. You’ll hear it’s deep rhythm sounds when you play and while it provides for the overall “ear scorching leads”, you’ll be playing like a veteran (with lots of practice) real soon.

-The Final Verdict of the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar.
Finally, the price may sound a bit high, but I don’t think any guitarist looks at a price that’s comparably 75% less of what a Gibson Les Paul is. And the best guitar that you can buy for your money right now when it comes to Les Paul’s probably the Epiphone Les Paul Standard Electric Guitar, Ebony. You’ll be happy to learn that this is, overall, a great mastered electric guitar that you can setup in your private studio, or room. Still you can come out and play rhythm, leads, or basically shape your solo around a nice tone and sound that will go on forever, like they should.

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#3 Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar

Epiphone Les Paul Special II Electric Guitar Review

Editor Favorits
  • Solid electronics with inputs for headphones, CD and/or MP3
  • Perfect tone with the chromatic tuner
  • Good pickup with perfect transition from clean to overdrive sound.
  • Pure mahogany body

  • The amp and power cables need replacing due to poor quality
  • The guitar needs often tuning
  • The craftsmanship is not unique
  • The strings are bendy and feeble

In case you are looking forward on kick starting a musical career, then this guitar offers you the opportunity. The guitar offers much more than just a mere training instrument. The guitar’s humbucker produces perfect sound and the strings accompanying the guitar are good. This guitar also comes with a practice amplifier. This is indeed the perfect guitar for intermediate players and beginners. If you want an affordable guitar that will cater for your occasional practice needs, then this is the perfect deal. You may need to replace the strings, cable, practice amplifier and the tiny tuner with time due to wear and tear.

People with smaller hands can reliably use this guitar as well. The size of this guitar makes it easy to play both while standing and sitting down. Its neck is much narrower therefore allowing the strings to be closer. The strings also have a bigger radius hence making the fret board flat. These features make the guitar easier to play for people with smaller hands. The scale length of this guitar is also smaller. This means that distance from bridge to nut is shorter and the tension required to produce a note is much less. This guitar also allows for adjustments for the perfect inclination as well. The bottom-line is that this guitar offers quality performance and a good tone. The guitar feels comfortable to handle and play therefore making the purchase and experience worthwhile. The progression of the chords is easy and with this property, children can easily practice with it. This fine instrument is quite the perfect guitar for starters and the price is just right.

-What’s Special in LP special II?
This is a bestselling model. The tone and feel depicted by this model allows beginners to experience the exceptional quality of the Les Paul. Guitar pros will tell you that Special II is a darling because of its exquisite sound that surpasses some of the more advanced models. The body of this guitar is solid wood accompanied by the special Les Paul classic profile. Contrary to the electric interference sensitive pickups from single coil, the pickups from Les Paul respond to the hum perfectly. The tone produced therefore is free of buzz and can transition from the clean sound to overdrive with no extra noises. The guitar has two distinct color finishes from which you can choose from; the vintage Sunburst or Ebony.

-Electar Amplifier-10 Watts, features.
This guitar comes with a ten watts amp and a portable 6” speaker. The two band EQ allows for tone shaping. The amp has inputs for connections such as CD, MP3 and headphones as well.These amps are recommended both for pros and beginners because with them achieving the desired tone is easy and the sound produced is both strong and full even when the volume is low. The open back cabinet, treble, bass, master volume simple controls, headphone jack and supplementary piping input are some of the features that come with the Epiphone Les Paul Electric Guitar. The headphone jack allows a person to practice with the guitar at whatever volume without disturbing the neighbors. The supplementary input allows for pitching during practice. The combination of these features alongside the combination of the overdrive and clean button allows you to play a variety of styles and tones. The synchronized use of master volume features alongside the overdrive and clean button is perfect for playing all sorts of music genre from hard rock, metal, blues, soul and rock etc.

-Chromatic tuner.
Les Paul comes with a chromatic Epiphone tuner which allows for tuning in studio or while on stage. The display of this tuner is easy to operate therefore supporting beginners and inexperienced players to operate it without problems. Even though the sound is amazing, you need to fasten the nuts and the smaller screws that attach the handles so as to achieve the best performance. Although the control options with the tuner and amp are not as many they are sufficient for beginners. The strapping may not be as comfortable but adequate for starters. It is simply the perfect guitar for starters borrowing from its properties and price range. You will also get electronic media lessons with video instructions. The software guides you through finger and note tracking therefore allowing you to see the notes you are hitting.

The take home about this guitar is that it is the perfect pick for beginners who are desirous of an electric guitar. Epiphone are renowned for their prowess in instrument making in America. Their rich history reassures customers of quality. You will not regret spending on this guitar.

#4 Squier by Fender Affinity Strat Electric Guitar

Squier by Fender Affinity Strat Electric Guitar Review

Editor Favorits
  • Perfect for beginners
  • Solid electronics allowing for plugging of various accessories such as the electronic tuner, gig bag, DVD, MP3 and cables
  • Good quality for the price range
  • Resembles the Fender Guitars in appearance
  • Has a built in headphone output
  • Good for people with small hands

  • Low quality pickups
  • Most appropriate for beginners and not the experienced guitarists
  • The speaker and amp might need replacing

Are you the type of person desirous of an affordable and easy to use electric guitar? If you are this type of person then the squier strat guitar is the perfect answer for you. The guitar allows for easy play, great sound and has an elegant look to top it off. The guitar comes with a 10 watts amp that allows for plugging of various accessories such as the electronic tuner, gig bag, DVD, MP3, headphones and cables. The guitar has an instruction pack that allows for ease of use. This is precisely the perfect instrument to play. The contoured body of the squier strat guitar is one feature that attracts many people. This guitar offers both looks and playability. The sound of the squier Stratocaster guitar is incredible. The guitar is easy on fingers and its wooden neck is smooth.
This guitar is perfect both for starters and the intermediate guitarists. It is hard to find a quality electric guitar at the price at which the squire Stratocaster guitar is offered. For beginners, this guitar may be just the perfect pick. Over and above the color variety, other features that are of great importance to this guitar include the affordability of the guitar. In case you are thinking of purchasing an electric guitar, this is a good option especially so for beginners. Beginners will definitely not go wrong with the squier strat guitar. Most people will however want to replace the guitar with an advanced version upon acquiring skills. The amplifier sound may not be as unique as that of a Fender but it is just fine for beginners. The more experienced players may want to fix this with some modification aimed at overcoming the hitch. The objective of the squier strat guitar is to offer the feel and look of the Fender electric guitar at an affordable price that allows beginners to enjoy the feel of good sound.

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-Alder/Agathis body, Features.
The guitar may have an alder or an agathis body. Between the two there is significant difference. Most people are torn between the two makes but it is just a matter of preference with no actual quality differences. The opinion between an intermediate player and the experienced player concerning this guitar may differ. First of all the body of this guitar is significantly lighter since it is made of wood. Given the fact that this is a squier guitar it goes without saying that there are more advanced Fender guitars with advanced electronic systems. The general opinion from a beginner’s point of view is that this is an amazing guitar. It functions as intended. The guitar pack comes with a plugin cord, gig bag, CD lesson, tuner, cord and Fender amplifier. For beginners it is advisable to play it as it is for some time before you learn the art of adjusting or even seek the service from a guitar center. For intermediate learners who have not played guitar in a while, this guitar is also perfect.

-The Fender versus the Squier.
The squier by Fender guitar is mimicked from the Fender Strat with the objective of getting a cheap bargain of the guitar that resembles the actual Fender. The materials used to manufacture the guitars are different. Both the Guitars are made with alder wood although the quality of alder wood material used in manufacture of squier guitar is of lower quality. The squier guitar pickups are not comparable to those of a Fender. There is also a fundamental difference in bridge hardware and tuners etc. The major problem with the Squier strat guitar is its neck. Beginners may not notice this although the more adept guitarists will tell you the neck lacks precision especially so when making adjustments. The Fender strat allows for minor adjustments at neck attachment through micro tilt. The Squier does not have this provision. This notwithstanding, beginners have a perfect option in the squier strat guitar. The more experienced guitarists may want to purchase the squier only as a backup. They will however need to purchase better pickups because the accompanying ones are not adequate.

The important take home about the Squier by Fender Affinity Strat Electric Guitar is the fact that it is perfect for beginners. The more advanced guitarists may only need the guitar for backup purposes. The electronic guitar option is commensurate to its price. The moment you become more adept then you may want to consider more advanced guitar options.

#5 Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Solid Top Acoustic/Electric Guitar

Epiphone HUMMINGBIRD PRO Solid Top Acoustic/Electric Guitar Review

Editor Favorits
  • Solid Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides
  • Shadow Pickup System
  • Gorgeous cherry burst finish on the top

  • In some cases, the neck is found bit far off that can be adjusted
  • Sometimes it produce a bit of a buzz sound when playing

Okay players, here’s the lowdown on Epiphone’s current mid-tier product offering for the aspiring singer songwriter who wants to make a memorable impression when they get on stage. The Hummingbird Pro is all about quality features and high-end craft guitar looks without the accompanying price tag. Here are some reasons why this guitar is a solid investment whether you are a long time player looking to upgrade to something better, or you are just starting out and want to get a high quality guitar that fits your budget.

-Solid Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides.
When it comes to rich tone and beautiful sound, you can never go wrong with a spruce top. It’s got a rich sounding timbre that has made it a favorite of artists in every genre, from the Rolling Stones to Cheryl Crow. The richness of the sound is enhanced and balanced out by the mahogany back and sides, giving it a deep, rich tone with just the right touch of brassy, sassy, upper range. I’ve always been partial to a spruce top with a mahogany back and sides, and I have owned several acoustic electric guitars over the years that used this combination to great effect. It is suitable for every type of music from roots and blues to country and rock n’ roll.

-Shadow Pickup System.
I’ve typically used guitars with Fishman acoustic pickups myself, but I was absolutely blown away by the simplicity and quality of the Shadow system on the Hummingbird. You’ll need a couple Lithium 2032 batteries (much cheaper to replace than most 9-volt batteries by the way) to power this little beauty, but I was very impressed by how noiseless the pickup was when I wasn’t playing, yet it picked up every little nuance of what I was playing, especially when it came to playing natural harmonic tones, or when I would create artificial harmonics with my thumb and a flatpick. When you buy an acoustic/electric guitar, you want to make sure that your pickup enhances your overall tone and sound, and the Shadow Pickup System in the Hummingbird Pro does just that.

-Action, Fit, Finish, Features.
This is one gorgeous looking guitar. The faded cherry burst finish on the top makes the overall look visually pop whether you are on a stage or just across the room strumming away. The ornate tortoise shell pickguard makes this a standout in terms of design and recognizability too, and the contrast white binding on the Slim-Taper D-shaped neck in combination with the black body binding here the edges of each piece meet create a stunning contrast. Combine all that with a pearled inlay neck and dovetail headstock, and you have one beautiful instrument that sounds and plays like a dream. Epiphone has come a long way in the overall quality of construction over the years, and the Hummingbird Pro really takes the cake in terms of looks, sound and quality.

Conclusion. When you think of a cheap and decent full size guitar then you should go for Jasmine S35. It is a natural made guitar with a simple and attractive design. Its mahogany neck and the rosewood made fretboard makes it more than attractive. It is also made with a wonderful painting which is beautiful to the eyes.

I will advise you to buy the Jasmine S35 guitar if you are looking forward to improving your experience with a full-size guitar. It is a perfect option for both beginners and those with a little experience in playing guitar. I will assure you for a high quality full-size guitar, the price of Jasmine S35 is the best.

5 Most Common Electric Guitar Issues that guitarist find

An acoustic guitar is one that acoustically produces sound. This is a guitar that passes vibrations of the strings to the air to produce sound.

  • If your level and build knobs learn to make crackling sounds through your loudspeaker whenever you’re connected in, or reductions out using positions on your control buttons entirely, something has probably lodged itself in your settings.
  • On electric guitars, you have to plugging and unplugging of your cable connection, and these activities can eventually loosen your jacks.
  • Swapping your pickups can seem to be like a hard task, but it’s rather a very easy one.
  • Guitar tuning problem is the most common problem.
  • The most frequent reason for guitar string humming is improper set up.
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