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The purchase of a safe is one of the most responsible decisions that any gun owner could make. You want to make sure that your firearms don’t wind up falling into the wrong hands plus you want a location that allows you to store other important and valuable things. This is where a safe can truly come in handy.

Of course, not every safe is built the same, and not every company making safes are ones that you can depend upon. Steelwater has long established themselves as one of the industry leaders in making quality gun safes, and this is why millions of customers turn to them each and every year. Let’s move on to the 7 best steelwater best gun safe reviews that you can depend on.

7 Best Steelwater Gun Safe Reviews & Comparison

#1 Steelwater 20 Long Gun Safe AMEGS592818-blk

Steelwater 20 Long Gun Safe AMEGS592818-blk Review Steelwater has designed a number of great gun safes, and this is one of the very best that you are going to find. Truly a great example of how their reputation has been built on quality and exceptional design.

Starting with the interior, you will love that it comes with an LED interior lighting system, which is activated when the safe door is open and will shut off when there is six minutes of inactivity around the safe or when the doors closed. This helps to make it more eco-friendly.

The safe comes with customizable shelving to allow you to organize your items to fit your needs. Plus, the door comes with six different holsters for handguns and six pockets included. Plus there are straps and key holders to make organization even easier for you.

The exterior is built of a 14 gauge steel construction, giving you a durable safe that you know can withstand heavy impact. The door has a composite constructed steel that is 5 inches thick, and has two layers to ensure that people are unable to drill their way through or to pry the door loose. In fact, the door is held in place by seven steel locking bolts which are each 1.5 inches thick. No one is prying this door loose without heavy duty equipment.

Included are seven chrome plated bolts that help you secure the safe in place, all additional hardware that is needed to secure the safe is included as well.

Access to the safe comes through a electronic keypad that allows you to program your own code from anywhere from 3 to 8 digits. This allows you to make the code even more difficult to try to figure out. Plus, a backup key is included to provide emergency access.

#2 Steelwater 22 Long Gun 2-Hour Fireproof Safe AMHD593024-EMP

Steelwater 22 Long Gun 2 Hour Fireproof Safe AMHD593024-EMP Review If you are looking invest in a heavy duty safe that is built to protect your valuables from fire as well, then you can be sure that this is the option for you. This is truly a safe that you will come to love, as it gives you all of the features and protections you could possibly want inequality gun safe.

Starting with the interior, the safe is 59 inches tall, by 39 inches wide, by 24 inches deep. This gives you plenty of storage space for up to 22 different rifles, plus you still have storage space on a shelf that is fixed near the top of the safe.

The door has holsters for five different firearms, and there are five additional pouches where you can put magazines or ammunition. The holsters are attractively designed to make sure that the handle is out, making it easy to grab in an emergency.

The interior is fully carpeted, adding additional protection for your valuables. Included is the framework to be able to put up additional shelving, which includes a five position gun rack.

The exterior of the safe you are going to love. The framework of the safe is built of a hard, durable steel, that is ¼ inch thick. This makes it drill proof and impact proof, assuring you that your firearms and other valuables are going to be Secure.

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Not only does the plates ensure that you get protection from burglary, but also provides you with one of the highest quality fire protections on the market. This safe is intended to provide you 2-hour fire protection up to 1875°, plenty of time for firefighters to reduce the flame before any damage occurs to your valuables.

The safe uses a high-quality EMF mechanical locking system, and 13 bolts hold the door secure, making it pry resistant. No doubt you’re going to get every advantage with this safe, and you can be sure that it will protect your valuables to the highest degree.

#3 Steelwater 39 Long Gun Safe AMLD593924-blk

Steelwater 39 Long Gun Safe AMLD593924-blk Review Many are convinced that a combination lock is not the way to go in a safe, but there are those who find this type of locking mechanism to be ideal, as long as they get the group 2 kind. This is just one of the reasons why you will love this safe option.

It starts with the fact that it is able to store up to 39 long rifles inside the safe, and you can have confidence that if you are storing this many rifles that no one is going to easily work their way into your safe. The safe is built with one a durable gauge steel, that is reinforced with up to ¼ inch reinforced plates.

The interior of the safe is absolutely fantastic. While most safes give you the capability of customizing the shelves on one side of the safe, you can do this throughout the entire product in this beauty. This gives you the capability to completely organize the safe to fit your needs.

That starts with the door panel that has seven different holsters included inside the door, which enable you to be able to quickly grab a firearm in an emergency. For small pockets, for medium-size pockets, and one larger sized pocket are included as well. No doubt you will be able to easily keep your valuables secure, safe, protected, and organized.

There are a number of technological advancements included in the safe as well. A digital keypad provides the highest level of security, and there are 13 1.5 inch bolts that hold the door in place. Two USB ports are included in the interior of the safe, and a UL outlet is included as well.

Plus, the safe provides up to 60 minutes of protection at temperatures of 1875°F. This is everything that you could want in a safe and more.

#4 Steelwater 45 Long Gun Safe AMLD724228-blk

Steelwater 45 Long Gun Safe AMLD724228-blk Review This is another hike has that he safe that affords you the opportunity to store a large number of firearms, up to 45. This is why Steelwater brand has become so popular, because they produce safes that give consumers the ability to store a large number of weapons and have confidence that those weapons are going to be secure.

With this product, you get up to 60 minutes of protection during a fire, as it is rated for up to 1875°. Plenty of time for you to be able to contact the local fire department and have them extinguish the flames before anything happens to your valuables.

This safe is made of heavy duty 12 gauge steel, and is made in three layers to help resist the damage that can because by fire. This also makes this safe drill proof, impact resistant, and is just tough. This is built to last, and it gives you peace of mind to know that no would-be burglar is going to be breaking into your safe. The interior is divided into two sections, with adjustable shelves on either side for you to be able to customize to fit your needs. You can take out one section altogether, or use both to help you to be able to store your magazines, cartridges, and other valuables.

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The inside of the door gives you eight handgun holsters, all perfectly positioned to make sure that you have quick access to them an emergency. There are eight medium-size pouches that are located on the lower portion of the safe, and two large pouches in the center where you can store important documents. The entire interior is padded to protect your firearms and other items you are storing.

The locking mechanism uses an EMP digital keypad that gives you the ability to create your own unique keycode anywhere from 3 to 8 digits. There are three 110 V plug-ins located inside the safe, as well as two USB ports. Seven deadbolt locks are located on each side of the door, and three in the top and bottom, making this safe pry resistant.

#5 Steelwater AMSWFB-450 Fireproof Burglary Safe

Steelwater AMSWFB-450 Fireproof Burglary Safe Review Maybe all you are looking for is a safe that provides you with some additional storage space that would be perfect for both home or office. Then this is the choice for you.

This safe is 17.75 inches high, by 20 inches wide, by 20.5 inches deep, making it so that it is not a choice should you have a long rifle that you are looking to store. However, if you are looking to secure a number of handguns and other valuables, such as cash, this becomes the perfect option.

It is ideal for a business that needs to give employees the ability to access the safe to get cash, but also gives them the ability to get a firearm in an emergency. The interior of the safe provides 1.22 ft.³ of room, and has an adjustable shelf to help you to organize to fit your needs.

Predrilled anchor holes are included and all of the hardware that is necessary to secure the safe in place. This includes chrome plated locking bolts, that provide great durability. Added to the beautiful design of the safe is the fact that it can indoor temperatures of up to 1850°F for two hours period of time without your items getting damaged.

The safe features an interlocking system that is held in place by two extremely strong and durable hinges. The door is extremely thick, and a pair of locking bolts hold the door in place. A combination lock is used to gain access into the safe, which gives you the ability to allow employees to have the code should you desire.

Because of the design of the safe, it is resistant to drill attacks, and can handle both heavy impact and attempts to pry the safe door open. This is truly a fantastic product that gives you all the durability and storage you could possibly desire in a safe. No doubt that if you are a store owner who needs to protect your firearm and cash, you will find this to be the perfect choice.

Comparison Chart

Steelwater Safe Pros Cons
#1 Steelwater 20 Long Gun Safe AMEGS592818-blk
  • Contains heavy duty steel body that is impact and drill resistant.
  • Provides a quality EMP electronic lock with backup key.
  • A dehumidifier is included as part of your purchase, protecting your valuables from moisture.
  • Provides up to 60 minutes of protection from fires up to 1875°F.
  • Provides capacity to hold up to 20 long rifles.
  • Not the best design on the interior. Really only provides room for about 10 long rifles.
  • Is a little tricky to try to secure to the floor, as the safe could fall on you if you aren’t careful.
  • Many dissatisfied that the safe is made in China.
#2 Steelwater 22 Long Gun Safe AMHD593024-EMP
  • Built to protect your valuables, including the use of plates that are ¼ inch thick.
  • Provides optimal fire protection of up to 120 minutes.
  • Door secured with 13 ½ inchlocking bolts.
  • Plenty of storage space included in the interior, and it is carpeted to protect valuables.
  • Can hold up to 22 firearms.
  • Includes internal outlet source, removing the need for you to drill a hole to add an outlet.
  • This safe is extremely heavy, weighing nearly 600 pounds. Once positioned, you’re probably good have to leave it there.
  • The plug protrudes inside the safe.
#3 Steelwater 39 Long Gun Safe AMLD593924-blk
  • Provides high capacity in terms of storage of firearms.
  • Door seal is heat activated to protect your valuables.
  • Hard plate makes this safe one of the most impact resistant you will find.
  • Bill to give you maximum storage and help you to stay organized.
  • You will love the customization that it provides inside the safe.
  • Adds a number of technological advancements to help improve security.
  • While it touts the ability to hold 39 guns, you will likely find that this is hard to accomplish.
  • This safe is extremely heavy weighing almost 700 pounds.
  • Exceeds the California standards for residential security containers.
#4 Steelwater 45 Long Gun Safe AMLD724228-blk
  • Offers a lot of storage options inside to help you to stay organized.
  • Provides electrical outlets and USB port connectors inside the safe.
  • 20 locking bolts secure this door in place.
  • You will love how the inner door is designed to give you a lot of storage capability.
  • Fire protection up to 60 minutes at 1875°.
  • Can store up to 45 firearms.
  • A design flaw gives about ¼ inch gap around the door, which could encourage someone to try to pry the door open.
  • The heavy duty version of this safe is designed a lot better in terms of preventing prying of the door.
#5 Steelwater AMSWFB-450 Fireproof Burglary Safe
  • Built to resist drill, pry, or impact attacks.
  • Fire resistant up to two hours at 1850°F.
  • Provides plenty of storage space for cash, firearms, and other valuables.
  • Heavy duty locking bolts help to hold the door in place.
  • The steel plates are 1/16 inch thick in each plate, which makes them slightly less drill resistant than you would think.
  • Does not allow you to hold long rifles.
  • Would be better if it provided technological advancements as part of the product.
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Why Choose Steelwater for Your Next Gun Safe?

If you have never purchased the gun safe before you may not be aware of the kind of quality products that Steelwater creates. They are a company known for making magnificent products, and some of the reasons why customers have put their confidence in this company include:

  • Fire Resistance. Steelwater builds safes that have been known to resist fire for up to 120 minutes at temperatures reaching nearly 1900°. This kind of prolonged protection ensures that you have plenty of time for emergency personnel to put a fire out before any item inside your safe is damaged or destroyed.
  • Attention to Detail. One factor that has really separated this brand from others is their attention to detail. Every safe is checked for any defect before it leaves the warehouse, letting you know that you are getting a quality product each and every time.
  • Range of Sizes. Whether you are looking for a safe that can hold a few handguns and some other valuables or you need one that can hold up to 60 long guns, you can be sure the Steelwater has the right safe for you. Plus, you can be sure that the quality will be extraordinary regardless of the size of the safe.
  • Construction. Attention to detail also means that the very best materials are used in construction of the safe. You are going to get high gauge steel, anywhere from 9 gauge up to 14 gauge, and they are made with a level of thickness that prevents people from gaining unauthorized access into the safe.
  • Great Look. Because so much attention is paid to the details of their safes, you will love the look. Not only on the interior, but also in the exterior. These are beautifully designed products that show the maximum level of craftsmanship, and each interior is built to give you a good look and a functional use.
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