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Gun safe is an absolute necessity if you are a gun owner. You have to have something that secures your firearms, ensuring that some person does not accidentally use them or take them away from you. This is why you want to ensure that you have a top safe.

Winchester has long established themselves as one of the best brands on the market, not only for firearms, but also for safes. You need something that is coming with a reputation that you can count on, and Winchester has earned that reputation by developing a number of safes that are perfectly designed to fit your needs.

Why Choose Winchester Gun Safe?

It is true that there are many manufacturers out there that produce quality safes. However, Winchester has separated themselves from other brands in many ways that go beyond its name. Many factors make them the ideal choice, and these include:

  • Fire protection. All of their safes offer you protection should you ever have a fire in your home or office. Not only are they built with durable steels that keep heat away from your valuables for at least 60 minutes, but the Paluson door seal is designed to expand to keep smoke and heat out during a fire event.
  • Guarantee. One of the things that truly separates Winchester from other brands is that they stand behind their products. There is a lifetime warranty should a burglar ever gain access into your safe or if the safe is damaged because of an attempted burglary or because of a fire. Winchester will replace it, no questions asked.
  • Outstanding Products. You can provide that kind of protection when you make quality products, and that is what Winchester has done here. They have made safes that are drill, pry, and impact resistant, keeping your valuables safe from those who would attempt to take them.
  • Well Designed Interiors. Not only does the interior of these safes offer you the functionality to customize the shelving to fit your needs, but they come with a door panel that allows you to secure and organize handguns and other valuables. Plus, you often receive USB ports and an outlet as part of the design.
  • Trusted. Of course, Winchester has long established themselves as a brand you can depend upon. You will find that many professionals use this as their product, even in professional locations, such as police stations.

Top 7 Gun Safes from Winchester!

#1 Winchester Bandit 31 Gmtl ELEC Gun Safe

Winchester Bandit 31 Gmtl ELEC Gun Safe Review While you want a quality safe, space may be a major concern for you, and this is why you may find this Winchester safe to be the perfect option for you. While having a capacity to hold up to 38 different firearms, it does so by taking up a minimal amount of space, with it being 60 inches tall, 40 inches wide, and 22 inches deep.

Fire protection is one of the things that is separated Winchester from many of the other brand names you will find, and you will be satisfied that the safe provides you with at least 45 minutes of protection at temperatures reaching 1400°F.

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The locking bolts are made with 1.5 inch steel making the safe virtually pry proof. Plus, it uses heavy gauge steel that is resistant to attempts to drill or use brute force to gain access into the safe. The safe uses a quality type II combination lock, which you are able to program to create your own code. It is drill resistant as well, giving you a safe that you will truly love.

Plus, despite all of the additional features and quality of the safe, it is one that is built to accommodate the budget of most to have a larger volume of weapons. Truly a fantastic safe that you will love and which will give you a lot of confidence that the things that matter to you most are well protected.

#2 Winchester Big Daddy Series

Winchester Big Daddy Series Review The Big Daddy series of the Winchester safe is such a spectacular group, that it’s hard to single out which one is better than any others. The truth is that it is all about the size safe you need that is the determination, as you can be sure that each one of these is built with incredible craftsmanship.

Each of this series safes provides up to 75 minutes of protection at 1400°F, giving you plenty of time to get emergency personnel to put out a fire before your valuables can be destroyed or damaged. The Paulson heat expanding door is included as part of the design, enlarging the liner in the door up to six times its original size to block out smoker heat from getting into the safe.

Inside our zippered pockets that have thermal linings. This means that important documents or media that you are storing in these pockets will get additional protection. An electronic keypad is used which is programmable, allowing you to set your own code. There are 14 different bolts that are used to lock the door in place, each 1.5 inch thick and made of incredible steel. There’s a single power outlet that is included inside the safe as well. A fantastic model no matter which choice you make in the series.

#3 Winchester Defender 44 Gun Safe

Winchester Defender 44 Gun Safe Review When police and tactical professionals use a specific kind of safe to store their firearms, you can be sure that you are counting on a quality product. That is what you will receive with this Winchester Defender safe.

This has become one of the more popular safes that you are going to find on the market, starting with the fact that it is able to store as many as 46 different firearms. There are 24 slots specifically designed to hold long rifles, and 22 additional spots for handguns. Plenty enough space for any gun enthusiast.

This safe provides you with 60 minutes of protection in temperatures up to 1400°F. Like all Winchester safes, this uses the Palusol heat expanding seal door, where the lining will expand to six times its size when placed in extreme temperatures, which adds is a protective barrier against heat and smoke. Plus, interior linings to pockets in the door add additional thermal protection.

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The safe is made of a 16 gauge steel, ensuring that you’re getting maximum protection not only from fire but also from those looking to gain unauthorized access. When professionals are confident that this safe will help to keep their firearm secure, you can be sure you’re getting the same kind of confidence.

#4 Winchester Legacy 44, 51 Gun Safe

Winchester Legacy 44, 51 Gun Safe Review The Legacy has established itself as one of the very best products created by Winchester. There are two different options available to you, a 44 gun and a 51 gun, which allows you to choose a safe that fits your particular needs.

This is absolutely one of the very best safes you were going to find. Not only does it give you the kind of safety and security that you are looking for, but gives you plenty of space to be able to store all of your firearms.

The truth is that this safe has been created to eliminate any concern you have about your valuables being taken or damaged. The steel that is used to build this safe provides you with 2.5 hours of fire resistant protection in temperatures up to 1400°F.

Plus, the deadbolts are 2 inches in diameter, assuring you that this door is not being pulled off. A combination or electronic keypad option is available to accommodate the kind of locking system you want, and each one of these is built to be drill resistant. The exterior is made of a durable 10 gauge steel, and it is powder coated to give a great look as well.

You are also able to easily secure this safe to a wall or floor, as anchor holes are provided and all of the hardware needed to lock the safe in place is included as well. This could very well be the last safe you ever by.

#5 Winchester Ranger 34-37 Gun Safe

Winchester Ranger 34-37 Gun Safe Review The Ranger is a safe you are truly going to love, because it offers many of the same kind of protections that Winchester has become known for. You know you are getting a durable safe, that not only gives you a great looking safe, but also a functional and customizable interior.

It starts with the Palusol heat expanding door seal, which expands to six times its size when it senses heat, acting as a barrier that protects your valuables against heat and smoke. The safe can handle up to 1400°F for 60 minutes, and a zipper pocket on the interior of the door acts as a thermal lining, providing additional protection for your valuable documents.

There is a single power outlet that is included inside the safe, and features adjustable shelving to allow you to customize the safe to fit your organization needs. A door panel organizer gives you storage pockets for ammunition, cartridges, and documents, as well as holsters for handgun slots.

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This is a truly fantastic safe that is designed to fit your needs. No doubt that because of its durability, design, and the measures that of been taken to protect your valuables, you will find this to be the perfect gun safe for you.

Comparison Chart

Winchester Gun Safe Pros Cons
#1 Winchester Bandit 31 Gmtl ELEC Gun Safe
  • Gives you fireproof protection for up to 45 minutes.
  • Can hold up to 38 firearms.
  • Well designed to enable you to be able to customize to fit your needs.
  • Comes with interior door panel to add additional organization, including for your handguns.
  • Built to be resistant to attempts to gain unauthorized access into the safe.
  • Comes at a price that is far superior to that of similar quality safes.
  • Larger sized weapons will keep you from being able to store 38 firearms.
  • Really no other complaints about the safe.
#2 Winchester Big Daddy Series
  • Provides 75 minutes of protection in temperatures up to 1400°F.
  • Provides 14 different 1.5 inch solid steel bolts.
  • Safe is pry, drill, and impact resistant.
  • Provides all hardware needed to secure the safe in place.
  • Single power outlet included inside.
  • The design of the safe makes it hard to get items out of the back of the safe without removing items from the front.
  • This is a big safe, weighing over 800 pounds.
#3 Winchester Defender 44 Gun Safe
  • Provides up to 60 minutes of protection at temperatures reaching 1400°F.
  • Durable 16gauge steel protects the safe.
  • Solid steel shelving used for interior.
  • Additional fire protection included through use of thermal pockets.
  • Built to handle up to 46 firearms.
  • The safe that professionals use.
  • There is no way you can move the safe on your own as it weighs over a thousand pounds.
  • Would be difficult to get 46 firearms in here.
#4 Winchester Legacy 44, 51 Gun Safe
  • Provides one of the highest levels of fire protection you will find on the market
  • The door comes with a dual layer seal to add additional fire and smoke protection
  • Customizable storage spaces with shelves you can adjust help you to stay better organized
  • Bolt diameters are 2 inches each
  • Provides to 110 V power outlets and USB port connectors
  • LED lighting kit is included as well
  • This safe weig over 1400 pounds, meaning it is not easy to move
  • Cost may be a barrier for many
  • It can be troublesome to try to purchase one of the safes as they go quickly
#5 Winchester Ranger 34-37 Gun Safe
  • Provides fire protection from 60 minutes
  • You will love how easy it is to customize the interior to fit your needs
  • Comes with anchor holes and hardware to secure to the floor
  • The safe is drill, pry, and impact resistant
  • Plenty of room to store your firearms and other important valuables
  • Price could be a factor that goes beyond many people’s budget
  • Weighs 750+ pounds
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