how to open a digital safe without the combination

Losing your keys can be frustrating if you don’t know how to open a digital safe without the combination. Sometimes you simply cannot imagine what it would be like if you have forgotten your digital passcode or the keypad is malfunctioning. If you don’t have a failsafe option, such as a key lock, this can leave you panicking beyond measure.

You feel like you have reached a point where your outstanding gun safe has become nothing but a time capsule vault denying you access to your valuables and firearms. It can be so frustrating that it can send you over the yet. However, this is not a time to panic. There are options out there that can still allow you to gain access into your safe.

Getting into a Digital Safe Without the Combination

Before becoming too upset, first determine what it is that is denying you access into your safe. If it is a matter of you forgetting the passcode, there may be options available to you. If it is a situation where the keypad panel has burned out or the electrical wiring leading to it is faulty, then there are options for this as well. Don’t assume that just because you can’t get in that you need to start calling a locksmith or drilling into your safe.

If it is an issue where you have forgotten the passcode, the place to begin is by contacting the manufacturer. They may be able to provide you with an emergency passcode that will allow you to gain access into the safe. This may not be true, but it is a good place to start.

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What you may find is that your safe has a change key that allows you to reset the passcode. If that is the case, then your problem is resolved. However, be aware that sometimes you are required to know the current passcode to be able to reset the code to a new one. That may not help you then.

Step #1: An Electrical Short

If the issue is that your keypad is simply not working, then maybe where your place to begin is to examine if there is a malfunction in the wiring or in the keypad itself. This can often be assessed by contacting the manufacturer and going through a set of steps with a troubleshooter over the phone.

If your safe is under warranty, with this may mean is that they will pay for a professional to come out and either fix the wiring or the keypad itself should there be an issue. This can save you a lot of money and ensure that you are able to gain access into your safe. If you are finding that the keypad does not activate whenever you touch it, then you may have an issue with the keypad console. Contact the manufacturer if this is the case.

If the safe is no longer under warranty, you should still contact the manufacturer. They may be able to recommend electricians or other professionals that can, and examine your safe, maybe even repair it. Remember the goal is to gain access back into your safe. Contacting the people who have designed it is the best place to start.

Step #2: Call a Locksmith

If resetting the keycode is not an option or does not work and you can’t move your gun safe to the company, then it is time to start looking at other means to gain access. The first of these is to contact the locksmith. While you may not want an outsider to know where your safe is located, it is important to understand that your safe is useless to you if you cannot get into it.

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Which you may find is that a locksmith can do nothing more than open the safe using some brute force. However, many have expertise in manipulating the safe in some capacity to where they do not harm the lock or the safe itself. This allows you to gain access without doing any kind of permanent damage.

If you are forced to contact a locksmith and they are able to help you to gain access into your safe, you want to make sure that you protect yourself from this problem in the future. Have the locksmith go over with you how to reset your code or show you what it takes to be able to regain access into your safe should you need to do so. Learn the process to protect yourself in the future.

Step #3: Forced Entry

If you find that that does not work, then some form of brute force may become necessary. The only way that you may be able to open your safe is to literally bust it open. Pry the door open, break the lock, or break off the door. This is obviously not the preferred means, but it may become necessary if you simply don’t have any other option.

The one problem you may have is that many of the best quality gun safes are made with materials and designs that are intended to resist this kind of unauthorized entry. Some safe doors are made so that it is impossible to pry open. Many of the safes do not allow a person to drill through the door. You may find it difficult to pry off the lock, or that you need a sledgehammer to bust that door open.

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If you reach a point where you are forced to use an extreme measure, keep in mind that you still need to try to protect your valuables. Some may recommend to you using a blow torch, but that may burn items inside the safe. Trying to crack open the door with a sledgehammer could damage your firearms or jewelry. Be careful about whatever means you choose so that you don’t destroy the very things your safe was intended to protect.

The Bottom Lines

This can be an incredibly frustrating situation. There is no doubt about that. But if you keep yourself cool and worked the problem, you may be able to resolve this issue. Keep in mind that unless you absolutely have to have access into your safe right away, taking a little time to determine all of your options may help you to keep your safe from getting permanently damaged. So take your time and think how to open your digital safe without the combination. Then go through what you can do before making a decision.

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